Which race of women have the best bodies?

im just wondering... Because I find the black very sexy ehhehe ;))

  • Vote A Black
  • Vote B Latina
  • Vote C White
  • Vote D Asian
  • Vote E Other heheheh
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  • I think really this is an individual thing. Individuals have better bodies not races

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      i guess you're right :)

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      Oh, we're SO PC!

      Too bad you didn't have the gumption to answer the question!

      Guess what, we know individuals are involved, but some races are generally more attractive than others...

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      I hate making massive generalizations like that. I believe every word I said. Many might think that Latinas have better bodies than Whites for example, but is anyone taking a 500 pound women who is Latina over Scarlett Johansson just because it's Latina vs. White?