Which race of women have the best bodies?

im just wondering... Because I find the black very sexy ehhehe ;))

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  • I think really this is an individual thing. Individuals have better bodies not races

    • I hate making massive generalizations like that. I believe every word I said. Many might think that Latinas have better bodies than Whites for example, but is anyone taking a 500 pound women who is Latina over Scarlett Johansson just because it's Latina vs. White?

    • Oh, we're SO PC! Too bad you didn't have the gumption to answer the question!Guess what, we know individuals are involved, but some races are generally more attractive than others...

    • i guess you're right :)

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  • Do you have some photos we could judge this on?

  • No particular race.

    • hahahha okay LOL... just got back from roadtrip it was fulllll of fun :)

    • I don't really think any has one specific best body over another :P though have found myself attracted to many Asians heh.

    • :mnnn okay hehehh :))

  • Orks

    • ohhh that's great :)

  • tough question lots of hot white girls and by far I'm attracted to them most but latinas seem to have nice ass and flat stomach

    • :)

  • Elven babyyyyy! oh yeahhhh

    • LOL

  • whatever you are :) lol jk white deffinetly :) but deffinetley what you are to :)

    • mnnnnn :)

  • Any race can be Latina (its an ethnicity not a race, they're different) so I could answer that but I would say black girls simply because that is what I am most attracted to in general but any race can look good

  • Hard to say. I've seen some down right gorgeous black women, but it seems they have a genetic predisposition to proportions I find unappealing. I've never really been around that many races. Natives, limited african American and mostly white, so it's kinda difficult the make an accurate call on other races.

  • Black women, hand down (or up, even).

  • Every week has a different flavor.

    • lol love this

  • Pandas

    • cool

  • Arabs with their booties :)

  • well, I'm specific when it comes to who I find attractive, and I won't lie about it. All the races can have pretty good bodies.. however, it seems that (and statistically) african American women are more likely to be obese. I think white and latina girls tend to have the best bodies on average, maybe leaning towards latinas because there also seem to be more obese white women.. But on a whole, I find white women most attractive.

  • Hate to say it but White for sure. Haven't really considered anything outside of that.

  • I think Asian women. Sure, they're not as curvy as Wstern women or black women, but they take care of their bodies so well...and know how to dress to show themselves to the best advantage.

    • sounds great ehhe :)

  • asian! yea boyyyy!

    • hehehe ;)

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  • It depends on the individual.

  • hmmm... probably white

  • "Brazilian" (not really a race, but yea...)

    • ohh yeah I like their booty hope I do have great booty lol

  • Actually in terms of body Latina and Blacks tend to have 'the real women have curves' but according to the poll,guys voted for the most attractive females,not the best bodies. This is what we call INTERNET poll.I am not Black or Latina anyway, so I am not bias.

    • lol... yeah you're right, but guys are guys ehhe

  • Latinas

    • i agree :)

  • Hmm I think Latinas have the best overall bodies. lol Katyperry would ask this :D guess her wearing chery chapstick wouldn't hurt !

    • HAHHAHAHAH silly! :P

  • latina I gotta say...

  • I think Arab women have gorgeous bodies, no wonder they wear burqas, they probably were being harassed.

    • I agree... they're lucky to have big boobies and booties. I think Arabs and Latinas have the best bods. But when it comes to face, I find Caucasians whether they're Arab, white or Latina girls/women the best looking in general.

    • And Persian.

  • i like booty the best and black girls always have nice ones lol

    • *THUMBS UP*

    • yeah and I envy them LOL

  • I'm inclined to say Latina. Generally have the best proportions, and are more 'in the middle' of white and black. Asian women are so darn petite! From what I've seen Latina women are usually quite curvy, but not overly so. Rawr.I also read an article that racially Latina women have the highest rate of 'hourglass' figures. (REAL hourglasses, meaning the 8"+ difference in waist to hip/bust.

    • Sigh. Me too :P

    • wow... that was so great... I envy their body lol...

    • I'm sure that's apart of it. I wasn't really trying to get technical on historical migratory effects on physiology and genetics :P But I think it would be more the Mayan/Aztec/etc mixed with white & black result. *Shrugs*

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  • I like Russian and German guys personally...The Dutch have great bodies to XD so I guess I like European guys :P oh well, guys from my own ethnic background just don't appeal to me. I feel as though I am looking into a mirror sometimes :/

  • NASCAR... Yup NASCAR for sure.