Are White men physically inferior to Black men?

not to make it sound provoking for white men, but I just can't help to think that in all aspects white men are physically inferior to black man.

black guys dominate all sports, generally physically fitter, and have bigger penises.

so what do you guys think?


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    This is the funniest question I've ever read!

    The responses are even greater!



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  • This girl says absolutely YES as far as the Sex goes. Don't pay much attention to the sports except football and the black guys sure seem dominate in most areas except kicking, Q Back, and center.

    As far as sex goes my personal preference is a black penis over a white penis any day and that is what I choose.

  • I am a Black Woman-

    It's a myth! A sterotype. Not all Black men have big penises. Not all Black men are good in bed. I am sure White women will make the same argument about White men. Some have big penises, some have small penises. Some are good in bed. Some suck in bed. Please stop it with the hasty generalizations, already! as for White men not taking care of their appearances, that is a load of crap! It all depends on where you live. In NYC, both White men, and Black men take very good care of their appearances. In areas of the Midwest, and some parts of the South, men of all races seem to neglect their appearance, their weight, and their overall health. Read the statisitics for obesity! I think people may want to explore facts, rather than make quick prejudgements!

    • I live in the South and I've been to most of the places in most of the Southern states but when it comes to the A, maimi, daytona, houston, and tallahassee most guys there can dress especially Atlanta:)

  • i think you have to look at the individual and not the whole race.

    not make generalizations.

    i mean, I don't think they ever did a census on penis size for each race and if they did, it would be hilarious.

    it really depends.

    physically, I think there's lots of hot guys,both white and black ^_^

  • its a whole load of bull that your talking bout - white men or black men - same thing! Get over it and your basically stereotyping!

    • No he's not its actually a good question...that in fact part of the theory of evolution of animals and biology support the facts that black men are supposed to be superior in strength.......if you don't believe in evolution then you entitled to you opinion but if you do you should read a biology book ots actually really interesting....

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    • And also if your going to go w/history on this supposedly they are stronger cause they have done hard labor well their ancestors have but so have other worldly known slaves of Egypt yet they don't get graced but rather get stereotyped, mocked and verbally and sometimes physically abused - well so do black men but what can any of us do its a cruel cruel world! But stating any of this upon a fact is really ridiculous - its like saying women are physically inferior to men - which in reality is not

    • True because we as women can adapt to any kind of nature but not men! And women can also have babies - meaning we go through hard staggering deep pain - meaning if men were to have babies they really wouldn't make it so which is the stronger sex again? Yea this argument between 2 species will go on for centuries for men who have to dominate everything in their sight! So yea!

  • First of all, we have to clarify that you're talking about a generalization, and that this in no way says anything about any individual white or black man.

    Secondly, I have only heard stereotypical/anecdotal evidence about "black" mens' penises. Please send me a scientific article about penis size and skin color, if you can find one. My guess is that no such article exists.

    Thirdly, we have to mention that many men have mixed heritage...

    That being said, there are a lot of theories that point toward the origin of ALL humanity stemming from Africa, thus we are all Africans...

    Fourthly, we must indicate that skin color stems from the amount of melanin in the skin, which is protective of humans from the sun, therefore race comes down to the fact that people of African descent are more sun-tolerant than people of European descent.

    That being said, we have said nothing about people of Asian descent, although they are in the majority in the world, if you compare them to European or African people.

    As for physical superiority, in the United States, historically, African men were slaves, which were bred for their physical characteristics. This is a heinous practice, but nonetheless, it is an historical fact. This would account for SOME African-American men being larger/stronger than SOME men of European descent.

    Finally, it must be mentioned that the author's personal preference is a man with skill, which is not measured by size.

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  • I hear the penis thing is BS. From what I hear the average size is average across the board and that applies to black people too.

  • I think you're an idiot, lol. No offense. I just don't think generalizations like that are ever correct. the average black man's penis is only like 1/2 an inch bigger than the average white man's. Black men don't dominate hockey or soccer or baseball, and I know plenty of white guys who are physically fit and black guys who are physically unfit... it has nothing to do with whether you're black or white, it's how you're brought up. You have to work to be physically fit, it doesn't just happen.

    • Who says white man's penis is only 1/2in smaller? from what I've heard they are a LOT smaller. not only that, blacks are just better at sex and have more stamina. true, in some sports blacks don't dominate, but that's simply due to the nature of those sports. for ex, baseball player doesn't need to be athletic-they can have potbellies. hockey is for rich people-all the equipments. blacks would've been just as good if they were rich. but in overall it seems blacks are just physically more superior

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    • Once again the asker is a douche bag but to inforgirl, Cullen Jones is a swimmer and an olympic gold medalist in the 2008 Summer Olympics. He's black and there probably will be more in the future

    • For me (yea I'm white) its not that black guys are bigger (they usallly r) but black guys just know how to make a gurl fee3l good and they arnt scared to try new things , and also there's usally more there then just sex to them. they know all the right spots, I mean my boyfreind knows how to get me goin!

  • All I know is that I hold fear for those of you ten years younger than me.

    We live in a time when inclusiveness and fair treatment is at the forefront of everything and a constant theme produced from your generation is racism by way of hate laced in what is being considered academia.

    Some of what I've seen stated on here is old arguments that covert groups from the KKK used to "teach" by way of compromised professors and guest speakers in the south during the 1940's and 50's.

    It is tragedic in this year of 2010 that thinly-veiled racism reigns supreme.

    It makes me think that this whole "super-information" age is only assisting ignorance.

    I'm not religious, but I pray for you all.

  • a lot of people believe I'm pretty much inferior to most other guys, period. Black, white, whatever.

  • Has anyone ever read Romeo and Juliet?

    As long as people keep hating each other, their kids will always find a way to love!

    Its always the racist people that have kids who want the opposite race or care for that matter.

    it's like the forbidden fruit. If a White Boy is constantly told "NO BLACK WOMEN" he will end up wanting a BLACK WOMAN.

    If a black woman is constantly told "NO WHITE MEN" she will end up wanting a WHITE MAN.

    It's like putting a person in a room with ONE RED BUTTON and someone saying "whatever you do DON'T PUSH THE RED BUTTON" and then they leave the person there for two or three days. You can pretty much guarantee that button will be pushed.

    As for your question.. it just seems like you are in some need of reassurance that any woman wants you. My advice is, don't worry you will find someone. Whether they are white, black, brown, red, yellow, or purple.. that's up to you. good luck!

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