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Are White men physically inferior to Black men?

not to make it sound provoking for white men, but I just can't help to think that in all aspects white men are physically inferior to black... Show More

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    This is the funniest question I've ever read!

    The responses are even greater!


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  • This girl says absolutely YES as far as the Sex goes. Don't pay much attention to the sports except football and the black guys sure seem dominate in most areas except kicking, Q Back, and center.

    As far as sex goes my personal preference is a black penis over a white penis any day and that is what I choose.

  • i think you have to look at the individual and not the whole race.

    not make generalizations.

    i mean, I don't think they ever did a census on penis size for each race and if they did, it would be hilarious.

    it really depends.

    physically, I think there's lots of hot guys,both white and black ^_^

  • They are only 'inferior' if they were born out of incest (cuz having kids with first cuz) :-P

  • I don't think so, I think that it depends on the person.

  • every guy (no matter color) is different. one population doesn't generally exceed the other

  • No, of course they're not. No race or gender is inferior to another...

    • very true, that is only truth of the univers. Good thought.

  • From a historical standpoint, white salve owners did trade and promote stronger, physically better blacks. Essentially selective breeding with people. I wouldn't doubt that genetic selection has been passed down into the modern free society, hence the athletic prowess of African Americans.

    At the same time, there are a lot more white males that fall into the anti-sports-nerd category than blacks, which doesn't help the stats there either.

    Granted, there are always exceptions. There isn't a lot of color in the winter sports sector :P, and Bret Farve dominated the football scene for some time. Ultimately it burns down to training and desire to be more athletic. Generally speaking, being buff is more a part of Black culture than it is white. But times are a changin...

    • Psshhhh I agree with everything but the brett farve statement

    • That man should have just retired and been done. As a native of WI, he did rule the football roost around here my entire childhood.

    • That's true. Slave owners were human breeders in a sense. They wanted to produce strong slaves as a business practice.

  • its a whole load of bull that your talking bout - white men or black men - same thing! Get over it and your basically stereotyping!

    • No he's not its actually a good question...that in fact part of the theory of evolution of animals and biology support the facts that black men are supposed to be superior in strength.......if you don't believe in evolution then you entitled to you opinion but if you do you should read a biology book ots actually really interesting....

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    • And also if your going to go w/history on this supposedly they are stronger cause they have done hard labor well their ancestors have but so have other worldly known slaves of Egypt yet they don't get graced but rather get stereotyped, mocked and verbally and sometimes physically abused - well so do black men but what can any of us do its a cruel cruel world! But stating any of this upon a fact is really ridiculous - its like saying women are physically inferior to men - which in reality is not

    • True because we as women can adapt to any kind of nature but not men! And women can also have babies - meaning we go through hard staggering deep pain - meaning if men were to have babies they really wouldn't make it so which is the stronger sex again? Yea this argument between 2 species will go on for centuries for men who have to dominate everything in their sight! So yea!

  • According to my history teacher they are.

    • And what history course is it exactly?

    • He was discussing the biological superiority of black men to explain the scientific fallacies of Hitler's portryal of them as the weaker race. I'm blocking you for slandering me.

  • Um... I think those are ALL stereotypes and although there are some truths to every stereotype, you can't really lump everybody together like it's a FACT that all black men have big penises and it's a FACT that they're all tall, and it's a FACT that they are physically fitter.

    I'm black and I know some short, little penis-having, pudgy black men and I know some 6'5, six pack having white guys. It doesn't matter. It's an individual thing. I seen a white guy whoop a black dudes ass and I've seen a black dude whoop a white dude's ass. A man is a man, black or white.

  • ah no. every race has fat people, strong, skinny, nerdy, anorexic, tall, short, stupid, smart, and lazy people. don't bitch about slavery because EVERY race has been enslaved before. every seen the world's strongest man competition? hmm? I don't care who looks better, or who has a big dick. I'm not a shallow dumbass. what about personality? most women don't want to get beaten half to death with a 12 inch dick. knowledge and technique is preferred. I think you are being provocative. to say that you are not trying to do something means that you are. STOP seeing colors, and start looking at PEOPLE! same body structure, same needs, different variations in our tans.

  • We're all different, no matter our color. I've known some very talented and intellectual black men and white men, and both the opposite. As far as the size of genitals...who f***ing cares? You can have the biggest penis in the world and not know how to use it or satisfy a woman. Than what good is it, but for the sake of bragging about it? THIS is exactly why racism won't end...lumping one race against the other.

    • Nice answer. ;)

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    • Katiesmuff I couldn't have said it better myself! The size of your genitals doesn't matter. It's how you use it to keep your woman happy. I've had some friends who had men with a small penis, but somehow they knew how to work it and they said it was some of the best sex they ever had. Like I originally said, it's all about knowing how to satisfy a woman...size doesn't matter when it come to that!

    • Racism should have never started but since it exists it's something that has to be dealt with!

  • well, maybe those white guys should train harder in sports, work out more and for penis size, I'm sexually racist and not attrated to blacks anyways.

  • Your observation is correct in most cases - BUT usually the white man makes more $$$.. But yes the black man is physically masterful -- a blessing! And yeah most have at least a 6 inch penis and that is on the small side... and black men from the caribbean even more so could easily be 11 inches or MORE..

    I do understand that Greek white men are more similar to black men in their size(down below) and their bodies and muscle tone, and also on the high sex drive - reason I hear that they seek out and date black chicks. But I don't know I have not done it with a Greek guy YET but I am working on it... LOL Cheers!

    • I can't help but like and dislike your answer at the same time.

  • I don't think white men are physically inferior to black men. Now as far as the penis thing...I don't know. I was with a black guy who wasn't that big. So I'm sure there are white guys out there who are well hung!(call me) jk. lol.

    • You're not joking. Stop pretending

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    • funny lol

    • There are always exceptions to the rule. But I think this particular stereotype of black men is mostly true.

  • Why are you so simplistic? Just because you have more melanin doesn't mean stronger. Do you realize how your question doesn't make sense.

  • I am a Black Woman-

    It's a myth! A sterotype. Not all Black men have big penises. Not all Black men are good in bed. I am sure White women will make the same argument about White men. Some have big penises, some have small penises. Some are good in bed. Some suck in bed. Please stop it with the hasty generalizations, already! as for White men not taking care of their appearances, that is a load of crap! It all depends on where you live. In NYC, both White men, and Black men take very good care of their appearances. In areas of the Midwest, and some parts of the South, men of all races seem to neglect their appearance, their weight, and their overall health. Read the statisitics for obesity! I think people may want to explore facts, rather than make quick prejudgements!

    • I live in the South and I've been to most of the places in most of the Southern states but when it comes to the A, maimi, daytona, houston, and tallahassee most guys there can dress especially Atlanta:)

  • First of all, we have to clarify that you're talking about a generalization, and that this in no way says anything about any individual white or black man.

    Secondly, I have only heard stereotypical/anecdotal evidence about "black" mens' penises. Please send me a scientific article about penis size and skin color, if you can find one. My guess is that no such article exists.

    Thirdly, we have to mention that many men have mixed heritage...

    That being said, there are a lot of theories that point toward the origin of ALL humanity stemming from Africa, thus we are all Africans...

    Fourthly, we must indicate that skin color stems from the amount of melanin in the skin, which is protective of humans from the sun, therefore race comes down to the fact that people of African descent are more sun-tolerant than people of European descent.

    That being said, we have said nothing about people of Asian descent, although they are in the majority in the world, if you compare them to European or African people.

    As for physical superiority, in the United States, historically, African men were slaves, which were bred for their physical characteristics. This is a heinous practice, but nonetheless, it is an historical fact. This would account for SOME African-American men being larger/stronger than SOME men of European descent.

    Finally, it must be mentioned that the author's personal preference is a man with skill, which is not measured by size.

  • WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! You are being very stereotypical. There are white men with big penises and black men with little ones. Also, white men are dominate in certain sports like hockey and are usually the quarterbacks in football which is one of the most important positions. Are far as physical fitness, what about body building which is a sport dominated by white men. White men aren't inferior to black men! If you want to pull out sterotypes what about the negatives ones? Are those all true too? White men are smarter than black men, Black men are deadbeat dads, Black men can't hold jobs like white men. How does that MAKE ME SOUND? Like a freaking racist, and that is exactly how you sound! I personally take people as individuals and don't judge people based on group stereotypes no matter what they may be, but maybe that is just me. You really show no class or intelligent by putting down a whole race of people. Please grow the hell up and learn that people are individuals and CAN NOT be grouped together. Again, the black man, white man thing can get played with negatives on both sides, but NEITHER is superior to the other. Isn't this the type racism black people have been avoiding from white people for the last 100 years. Now you are just role-reversing it. You are a ass!

    • To be completely objective, white men dominate hockey because they are the massive majority in the sport. Some people say that the lack of black quarterback has to do with latent racism. You also have to realize that it took awhile for black players to intergrate into the NFL. Body building is not often seen as a sport in Urban areas. I 'm not saying your wrong. I just think the sports you picked were bad examples.

    • What about everything else I wrote pertaining this question?

  • being white or being black has nothing to do with how athletic you are..

    my boyfriend is white and is a hell of a quarterback..now what?

    and what does it matter if a black guy has a bigger penis or not...we don't give a shit..well some of us..

    besides stop being racist towards white..

    some people are so pathetic

    • No offense, but your "hell-of-a-quarterback" white boy will only be a sissy in real black man's football team. and you probably don't care for bigger penis because you've never had one of these in you. why don't you come try some of this first and then tell me, because I know once you go black, you'll never go back to your bf's little pee-wee

    • Yall are both so wrong...question asker why do you provoke these people? Don't you see this isn't helping anybody? They just come back with more hurtful comments.

      sammy, I was a quarterback who went all-state in the great state of Texas (if you want stats on how hard that is to do, please feel free to email me.) You may be the sweetest woman in the world, but you have made the question asker make you look so bad. Don't let him do that. Make your case, but don't let him make you look like a fool

  • Lol of course not.

  • no...to me no race dominates and no race is inferior...

  • genetically and biologically yes it all has to do with natural selection and dare I say it no offense to any of your religions but the theory of evolution! natural selection is evolving according to the surroundings dropping and gaining traits for what's needed and not needed like the reason why black people are black is because the originate from africa and darker skin doesn't burn as easily so people originating from Africa (near the equator which by the way receives a lot of sun) biologically evolved to live in sun without large amount of sun damage to their bodies, as you go farther from the equator people began to become lighter because the use for sun protection becomes less and less.. but that's just an example like in Africa the animals are mostly larger and more dangerous causing a need for strong humans for survival so they are stronger...so for people in Africa strength and darker skin was needed so they ended up in one ethnicity, because of the ethnicity's ORIGIN...okay and any one who says this question is racist your over thinking its all scientific has nothing to with opinion on a specific race its SCIENCE!

    • Ohhhh and I forgot to add it doesn't mean all black men are superior at all it just means biologically they were and I mean other parts of the world are superior in strength like parts of Russia but people that originate from Africa are relatively superior

  • Black men are raised to be strong and taught to defend what's theirs. They're taught to try to be the best at whatever they do. Black people came a long long long long long long way lol -serious! Honestly Black men and women made America what it is today! Even though the first man on earth was black!

    • I think the United States Constitution made America what it is today. Every person who believes in freedom, no matter what color they are is what makes America. - your welcome.

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    • If any of UR black scientist would be reading this.. they would comment how dumb you r. and that's the double truth Ruth

    • English investors to establish a new colony in North America. The colony, established in 1620, became the oldest continuously inhabited British settlement and the second successful English settlement (after the founding of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607) in what was to become the United States of America. The Pilgrims' story of seeking religious freedom has become a central theme of the history and culture of the United States.

  • Well, I'm black && I've only messed wit black guys or mixed guys.. Even tho I do have thing 4 white guys! (Gosh their are sum sexy 1s out there!) Lol. you can't say that black guys are bigger down there... trust me! I've seen a black guy with a REALLY big thing && another 1 with.. Well barely anything! Sum of these things people are saying are stereotypes. That's like saying its true all asians guys have very small dicks too && that white girls have no ass! Those are stereotypes! I've seen white girls wit a bigger booty than me! I mean come on. If you really wanna know if a black guys dick is bigger than yours then next time you see 1 ask him 2 just pull it out 4 u. JK! <I'm being sarcastic! I mean Damn. Does it even matter?! I've heard sum of my white girl-friends say that their white man is huuuuge! It all depends. && as far as athletics... yes they do dominate football && basketball but like someone else said they don't dominate baseball && hockey. && when have you ever really seen a black man play golf?! && no... tiger woods doesn't count because he doesn't even claim he got black and him like that! Lol!

    • I like you!

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    • Lol thanks!

    • I'm loving it..lol

  • i don't think so...look at guys from australia and new zealand...they are HUGE! australian men, the whites not the natives...are really competitive in sports... look at john cena...he is white and I don't think anybody will call him physically inferior. if you see the pics of black men in somalia ...they are malnourished and they look so frail. and penis size depends from guy to guy...you can't really guarantee that if a guy is black skinned he will have a bigger penis...

  • Wow! I know I'm a little late on this question but I couldn't help but read this and the comments made. You wanted people's honest opinions and when they gave them to you you was very rude! If you're going to be rude and hateful why comment back? Oh let me answer! Its because you are a little boy with no balls and a whole bunch of insecurities, that's y you wanted to know if you were inferior to white guys. Well its time for a reality check Hun! Just because you're black doesn't make you any better than whites, Asians, Hispanics or anybody else. There are A LOT of black guys that have small penises and can't play sports just like every other race. So if you want to know if you are any better then white guys your answer is NO! and I'm not racist at all because I am married to a black MAN but I don't love him for his color I love him for the person he is on the inside and how he makes me feel. So next time you write a ignorant question like this how bout you don't post it anonymous that way we can see the idiot who wrote it.

  • Black guys have bigger penises (I've heard)

    but I have enough issues with white men, why

    on earth would I wanna go larger? *yipes*

  • Well, the only thing I'm going to comment on is not all black men have bigger "packages"

  • No race is inferior to another.

    YES Black men generally have larger penises then white men, but not all black men have large penises. But from my experiencing, black men are better in bed then white men.

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What Guys Said 122

  • Nope , plain & simple. no race is superior.

  • black men having larger penises than white men is just a misconception, on average all races are roughly the same.

    black guys dominate running and jumping sports due to their bone density which is more than white men (scientifically proven, not racist) however white men dominate water sports due to low bone density.

    black guys can appear to be physically fitter but that's largely to do with natural definition on muscles that black guys have compaired to white men.

  • All sports? Football is a mainly white dominated sport, as is sports like hurley and gaelic, lacrosse. It depends really, a lot of black people come from warmer countries, training in warmer countries does make you fitter, you have to cope with thinner air and hotter tempetures. Bigger penises? From what I've heard that is a common misconception, there is no evolutionary advantage, anyway no one says big penises are better.

  • Too much writing books by candlelight in airless rooms, not enough hunting lions and zebras and making love to Zanzibar princesses.

  • Well I'm hispanic, so I get the wonderful option of not caring. Seriously, blacks are not inferior to whites. This was so stupid 50 years ago, that scientist were digging the anatomy of a black man just to see what they could do to prevent blacks or understand why they are "seemingly" superior in finesse. The point is, you can be white, black or even chocolate brown and what matters most is whether your take care of yourself and exercise. You might have limitations in height and size, but by race, no one class is superior.

  • im not black or white but i somewhat agree. i think its all in the black man's genes. africa was always the most wildest part of the world. in order for Africans to survive they always needed (and still do) to be fast, alert, and physically strong in order to hunt down buffalos with spears and all that.

    now about the penis part, are you sure about that one? and even if its true i dont think there are any advantages towards having a big or small penis

  • Of course there are some race related physical differences, but it is very harsh to say that the black male is generally physically fitter than the white male.

    To say that black people dominate 'all sports' is ridiculous, especially if you look at sports that are popular all over the world:

    Swimming is dominated by whites.

    Weight lifting is dominated by the middle east.

    Tennis is dominated by whites.

    Running is dominated by blacks.

    Martial arts is dominated by asians.

    Boxing is dominated by blacks.

    Strongman competition is dominated by whites.

    Football (soccer) is particularly evenly distributed with the best national teams being multi ethnical.

    Penis wise, I'm not sure. I do know that the man with the biggest penis is a white guy.

  • All I know is that I hold fear for those of you ten years younger than me.

    We live in a time when inclusiveness and fair treatment is at the forefront of everything and a constant theme produced from your generation is racism by way of hate laced in what is being considered academia.

    Some of what I've seen stated on here is old arguments that covert groups from the KKK used to "teach" by way of compromised professors and guest speakers in the south during the 1940's and 50's.

    It is tragedic in this year of 2010 that thinly-veiled racism reigns supreme.

    It makes me think that this whole "super-information" age is only assisting ignorance.

    I'm not religious, but I pray for you all.

  • Don't you know by now that 'White men can't jump.'?

  • a lot of people believe I'm pretty much inferior to most other guys, period. Black, white, whatever.

  • Has anyone ever read Romeo and Juliet?

    As long as people keep hating each other, their kids will always find a way to love!

    Its always the racist people that have kids who want the opposite race or care for that matter.

    it's like the forbidden fruit. If a White Boy is constantly told "NO BLACK WOMEN" he will end up wanting a BLACK WOMAN.

    If a black woman is constantly told "NO WHITE MEN" she will end up wanting a WHITE MAN.

    It's like putting a person in a room with ONE RED BUTTON and someone saying "whatever you do DON'T PUSH THE RED BUTTON" and then they leave the person there for two or three days. You can pretty much guarantee that button will be pushed.

    As for your question.. it just seems like you are in some need of reassurance that any woman wants you. My advice is, don't worry you will find someone. Whether they are white, black, brown, red, yellow, or purple.. that's up to you. good luck!

  • This is an obvious troll thread.

    lol, That's the first time I've heard that one.

    Usually, the inferiority complex is reversed.

    But Kudos to you for luring so many people into posting in this troll thread.

    • Blackpanese.... no wonder why you are so hateful of your own race

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    • Look who's talking mr.blackpanese. you have no japanese in you, and that's my exact point. you are a japanese wannabe black who subconcsiously think japanese are better than your own race. that right there is a perfect example of ethnic superiority. shame on you blackpanese hypocrite.

    • Where are you getting all this "Japanese" stuff?

      All my profile says is that I'm from Japan.

      And I still assert that all ethnicities are created equal.

      No one is better or worse.

      Now stop trolling.

  • "so what do you guys think?"

    I think you are either a black guy asking this question anonymously, or you are one of those weirdo white dudes that is into racial masochism.

    • Sorry, neither. puahahahaha

      but I can definitely see you are an insecure white guy though.

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    • My last black girlfriend had her own money, smart (we met in college), had 42 D's and a 30 inch waist, she was a kinky nympho that was into ANYTHING in bed, and she didn't drink alcohol so she could always be my designated driver when we went out

      if black guys don't want anything to do with a woman like that then I'll gladly take them off their hands any day

    • I am white, and last time I checked the black girls that most white men date are absolutely gorgeous. You are just blind, question asker. My brother is dating a girl that resembles rihanna in the face, and has a great body. ..........you are just ignorant. All of us white women, don't really want you.

  • Maybe in some areas.

  • "black guys dominate all sports, generally physically fitter, and have bigger penises."

    And white men are smarter and are the ones running the sports and businesses.


    Who were whos slaves?

    and this isn't racist its just a fact. Blacks are more prone to certain skills and white men have other skills...isn't the world wonderfully balenced?

    • ...wasn't racist until you added, "who was whos slaves" ...Whose

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    • Lol Reread your answer.. she only tolf you the truth! Go away? It's my prerrogative to comment answers...if you are too imature to handle this, don't answer anymore then. Bye

    • Look at that...i wasn't judging or trying to be rude to u. but the slave thing was pretty f***ed up. and how would I be one of those people who looked for race in everything. I'm sorry, but I was never taught to look at people and base things on race

  • Negro plz.

  • Black males aren't larger then white males, we all have the same muscle structure, as well usually Black people life experience differ from white people. More white people read then black people. You can even google that

  • It depends. For some activities black people have an inherent genetic advantage. It's no coincidence that Kenyans dominate the marathon. For other activities whites hold the advantage. I don't see any Lebron's in ice hockey yet. As for physical fitness, you can't paint with a broad brush. Black people are predisposed to a number of health problems that affect their fitness e.g. high blood pressure. Bigger penises? Maybe on the averages, but I am not ashamed of what I'm packin.

  • Acutally it varies.There's a study that says that black males are more likely to get hemophilia than other males from other races. Their culture is also very hard working compared to European cultures. Just look back at history. I've seen people in Tanzania that had to walk 10 miles to the watering hole to fill up their water tanks and bring it back while carrying on their heads. In Europe everything is brought to them with hardly any work, except paying for it.

  • Well generally, my black(and spanish) friends are more athletic, more brolic most of the time. However black guys every day get the jokes. has anyone ever come up to you and said "oo I bet you had a good day, except for one thing. Your Black!" And what's even worse is I go 2 and hang out with predominately white people. So basically since white girls don't like black guys I have a very hard time getting girls. So yea black guys get nice pluses like building muscle faster and being faster, but when it comes to getting girls, I gotta go 2 way the f*** outta the way...

  • Ok dude Not all white men are inferior to black men and this Question is making you look like a racist...Oh for the record I hardly see any black men in Hockey,...So blacks don't dominate all sports...

  • When you consider professional athletics it does make you think.

  • Don't rip on me if I'm wrong but... I THINK black males muscles grow faster, and their bones are heavier, that's why you don't see black swimmers.

  • You've spent a lot of time observing men haven't you ;)

  • yeah its true , on the other hand white men are smarter..

  • why would you ask this question are you a f***ing retard do you know how stupid these people get on this website when it comes to race?

  • Um, black men do not dominate every sport. Just take soccer for example, African teams always looses over the european teams. And name one black guy who has been better than Wayne Gretzky. Formula 1 is also dominated by white guys, and high jump, and pole vault, floorball, handball...I could go on forever.

  • To answer your question the only difference is the amount of melanin in your skin

  • this is just crap, they are not dominate in sports, just look at the biggest sport there is(football, which you americans call soccer) white countries alsmost always dominate on world championships. Also with speedskating, the best ones are white. Only with boxing and athelics blacks are better on average then whites

  • It would be a lie to say that there are no cultural differences between ethnicities. It's probably cultural preferences that drive some people to pursue certain goals. I have seen some big ass white dudes who look as if they're designed to play sports but choose not to.

    • I'm tired of hearing all you white wieners excuses. stop oppressing your women so all your white women can bow to the superior Black **** already.

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