Are White men physically inferior to Black men?

not to make it sound provoking for white men, but I just can't help to think that in all aspects white men are physically inferior to black man.

black guys dominate all sports, generally physically fitter, and have bigger penises.

so what do you guys think?


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    I am mixed and have been with a latino, white, and I'm now dating a black. I have noticed that black guys get muscular much more easier than other races. For example...some puerto ricans have black in them. Compare those guys with a mexican guy-the carribean(which usualy have black in them) are much more cut(and rumor has it bigger _____ too, but I don't know).

    I've had many black guys flirt with me but I have never liked them(until now). The peolple say black guys just want to be with as many girls as possible and are players. They just want relations, not relationships. But I've met this black guy and he is super sweet. And I found out it's true: he is a BIG boy. The white guy's was ok length-but very skinny. Yes I think blacks have the best skills-they're good dancers, good at sports, and have a good package.

    It seems like black guys are more agressive than white guys. If a white guy likes me, he will just casually flirt with me. If a black guy likes me, he will immediatly strike up a convo with me and try to hang out. If a latino likes me he will start being very upfront: You are beautiful, I like you. That is generally the differences I've noticed.

    • LOL funny question o yea lasting is how long erect. We're gettin off topic but-lasting long is like an 1.5 hr. My boyfriend did this to me and it was too long I was like ok time to stop. Too short-the white guy I was dating came before he even put it in that's too short. It really depends on how long you were messing around for before you started having sex. You must be young. Seems like your asking the 'young' questions

    • Latinos are hard workers from my experience. They like to kiss and caress a lot more it seems like. You can't really generalize in the appearance area cause latinos are very diverse. But I think that the latinos from the carribbean like Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico have bigger ones than Mexican/Hondurans. My latino boyfriend had an average penis about 6 inches, but he had a really big head, but I'm not if it's because he's uncircumsized or it's just big. Latinos have the most passion I think.

    • Where would you rank races of other guys among black guys and white guys (like indians, hispanics, asians, native americans, whatever other guys of race you think you know about) - mostly in physical apperances. give some reasons too.

      also, exacly how long is lasting "long" and how short is "too short"? and what is your definition of "lasting"? maintaining erection without ejaculating?

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    They are only 'inferior' if they were born out of incest (cuz having kids with first cuz) :-P

  • I have my B.A in history and much of what I'm reading is just silly. I'm a very proud black woman and was raised in the South with both parents. All of my male relatives marry and take very good care of their families.Remember that blacks represent less than 13% of the U.S. Population and in spite ofa system that works against us we have managed to overcome but we stillhave a ways to go. We can be seen in positions that require both physical and mental capabilities. Remember that greeks came to Africa to learn science and philosophy including Aristotle Socrates and Plato. Our people come from an area of wealth and knowledge. No matter how much people want to ignore the facts. The oldest man was found in Africa not Europe. If we came from Monkeys so did you. I dontt believe that one race is superior to another. We are of the human race. I see arabs latinos Asians and many others that have darker skin than me!

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      I like this


  • well, maybe those white guys should train harder in sports, work out more and for penis size, I'm sexually racist and not attrated to blacks anyways.

  • Noooo...

  • Lol of course not.

  • No, of course they're not. No race or gender is inferior to another...

    • very true, that is only truth of the univers. Good thought.

  • Your observation is correct in most cases - BUT usually the white man makes more $$$.. But yes the black man is physically masterful -- a blessing! And yeah most have at least a 6 inch penis and that is on the small side... and black men from the caribbean even more so could easily be 11 inches or MORE..

    I do understand that Greek white men are more similar to black men in their size(down below) and their bodies and muscle tone, and also on the high sex drive - reason I hear that they seek out and date black chicks. But I don't know I have not done it with a Greek guy YET but I am working on it... LOL Cheers!

    • I can't help but like and dislike your answer at the same time.

  • i don't think so...look at guys from australia and new zealand...they are HUGE! australian men, the whites not the natives...are really competitive in sports... look at john cena...he is white and I don't think anybody will call him physically inferior. if you see the pics of black men in somalia ...they are malnourished and they look so frail. and penis size depends from guy to can't really guarantee that if a guy is black skinned he will have a bigger penis...

  • I don't think white men are physically inferior to black men. Now as far as the penis thing...I don't know. I was with a black guy who wasn't that big. So I'm sure there are white guys out there who are well hung!(call me) jk. lol.

    • There are always exceptions to the rule. But I think this particular stereotype of black men is mostly true.

    • funny lol

    • lol

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  • I am a white female and I do think that black men are some what stronger physically than some white men. I have seen black men at my work who do not work out and have the body of a bodybuilder, while my brothers and cousins work out 4 times a week and their bodies still can not compare to my co workers. Penis size varies I think, but I will have to give that to the black men as well in general, although there are many white men who have large penis's also. To the person who stated that blacks come from monkey's, why all the hostility? Men in general need to get over penis size, women want something not to big and small is out of the question lol, oh another thing all that size does not matter is a BIG LIE LOL.

    • To evilguri yes I am white and female too incase you wanted to know. And are you friken kidding me ? Your f***ed up in the head if you think that were a main target of terrorist attacks

      and yeah haha.


  • Black people originate from monkeys, and monkeys are HUGE so yes I guess they have to be superior. By the way what's with some of the names you guys come up with? Lefonda, sakeisha, shanequia, Shanaenae, like honestly save your child the embarassment and give them a normal name.

    • 10d

      When someone makes a racist comment I'm almost never interested in what they're saying.. It's more interesting discovering how many cockroaches scurry out from under the rock once it's been lifted. All the secret racist supporters come out, finding the ratio of secret racists is what I'm interested in lol those who haven't the guts to say a racist joke but support one, those are truly the worst of us.

    • That's just stupid! Shame on you!

    • if people came from apes why aren't they still coming from apes? that's the silliest thing I've ever heard. Give God his credit.

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  • I must defend white men's honor, on Wikipedia is says their is no correlation between race and penis size, can't disagree with the sports thing though. but I tend to look for personality not athletic build. personality is more individual not race related and its more important. I tend to like white guys personalities even if they are asses sometimes but then again black guys seem to have good personalities too so they tied.

    • I've heard that the reason there are so many black men in sports is that they tend to live in lower income neighborhoods, so they strive more to be successful in sports to get out of the ghetto. I don't know if it's true but it is interesting.

    • Wikipedia said it! It must be true haha!

  • Um I think you can only talk about yourself I mean do you just go around looking at other guys penises or something everyone is different so you can only talk for yourself.

  • Who cares? there are many very sexy black guys and many very sexy white guys. I don't honestly care...if you're gonna say black men are "superior" physically because there are more black guys in sports then you could say white men are "superior" mentally because you usually see more white nerds. Which by the way is not the case at all, everyone is born (regardless of colour) with the same capacities and each one of us decides how we want to use those capacities.

  • the only reason for this question is to provoke white men! Every person is an individual, and I really don't think it's fair to try and generalize people by their race. black, white,asian or hispanic.none of the races are superior or inferior to another. There are some amazing black men who are fit and strong and beautiful, there are some lazy fat ones too.The same can be said of any race.

    You seem ignorant and you have a lot of growing up to do.You're no better then anybody else.

  • From a historical standpoint, white salve owners did trade and promote stronger, physically better blacks. Essentially selective breeding with people. I wouldn't doubt that genetic selection has been passed down into the modern free society, hence the athletic prowess of African Americans.

    At the same time, there are a lot more white males that fall into the anti-sports-nerd category than blacks, which doesn't help the stats there either.

    Granted, there are always exceptions. There isn't a lot of color in the winter sports sector :P, and Bret Farve dominated the football scene for some time. Ultimately it burns down to training and desire to be more athletic. Generally speaking, being buff is more a part of Black culture than it is white. But times are a changin...

    • That's true. Slave owners were human breeders in a sense. They wanted to produce strong slaves as a business practice.

    • That man should have just retired and been done. As a native of WI, he did rule the football roost around here my entire childhood.

    • Psshhhh I agree with everything but the brett farve statement

  • lol white men inferior to black men that's funny because most people think its the other way around I bet you are black because the black people are the only ones who make stupid ignorant borderline racist comments and say its the white mans fault you are living in a ghetto when really if you want to bring up slavery which was a hundred f***in years ago this remember this the white men bought the black slaves who were already slaves by black people in Africa so instead of being mad at the whites be mad at your " homies" over in africa lol there your own people and out of your own mouth you said white men were inferior to black men physically no wonder we needed them to tend the fields the white men where physically incapable of it so we needed the big strong black men to help lol wow your an idiot really tho to answer your question I think it has more to do with habbit black men are more physical and white men are more into mentally challenging themselves it has nothing to do with the color but the history of a race of people dating back to there place as slaves who were physical it could have easily been the other way around I think if the whites would have been slaves they would have been the ones to excell at sports these little things will go away with time that's my answer although I'm not even sure if you wanted a real answer by the way I'm not a rascist I am just very oppinionated and think that there are a lot of people who still dwell on the race card when its all behind us as a country now we have a new oppressed people the gays lol so I am sorry to anyone I may have affended in my comments

    • Slavery being the fault of whites is silly. It seems some think white's ran into Africa and seized large numbers of blacks and put them in chains. The truth is, slavery was a common practice among all races and as far as African slaves, they were not purchased into slavery. They were already slaves traded to new slave owners. Blacks enslaved other blacks, Arabs also enslaved blacks & the same cn be said about whites. After all the word "slave" comes from "Slav's". Whites enslaving white slaviks.

    • Do you that all humans out there originated from everybody was black in the beginning of humanity....and as people moved and settled away from the equator, it was because the sun rays were less harsh there melanin concentration decreased and slowly , over generations ...white skinned people were evident! check on your damn history loser!!!

    • Im sorry but racism is not behind us. Just because we're no longer openly segregated or are no longer slaves...doesn't mean racism is behind us. Maybe you and the people you hang around aren't racist but reality check....there are some people who still are. I'm a black woman and I haven't really experienced racism personally, but I have friends who have. And I don't agree with the whole gay life style, but its wrong and unacceptable how people are attacking gay people and killing them.

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  • Why are you so simplistic? Just because you have more melanin doesn't mean stronger. Do you realize how your question doesn't make sense.

  • I think your stupid.

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  • 10d

    This post gives people that chance to express their racial ignorant assumptions...but really black males are not superior. Nor is any race of human. I dont know what pigment has to do with your physical body. Besides resistance to the suns rays? That's ridiculous backwards thinking racist mock up in order to make themselves feel superior. Honestly superiority is when you know your good Nd you choose not to act apon Others than to brag and mock up excuses as to why your better than o e person. Just. Hill out and be satisfied with who you are. I'm a black male. And yes my penis is big ;)

  • 10d

    im not black or white but i somewhat agree. i think its all in the black man's genes. africa was always the most wildest part of the world. in order for Africans to survive they always needed (and still do) to be fast, alert, and physically strong in order to hunt down buffalos with spears and all that.

    now about the penis part, are you sure about that one? and even if its true i dont think there are any advantages towards having a big or small penis

  • I think you are correct. I'm a white guy but I must admit to having the same thoughts.However, I disagree somewhat with your assertion that black men dominate all sports. One sport in particular is hockey. Black men don't dominate there. At least not yet. But they probably will. And for sure they do have a bigger penis on average.

  • As a white man I agree with you.

    Blacks also have denser bones than other races, are less likely to suffer from bone disease, and spend less time in the womb but emerge more physically developed. They learn to walk and run faster. Blacks are also more genetically varied than other races.

    But there's another side to this. Isn't there always?

    What separates man from animal is his intelligence. Only in that one trait is he distinct from and does he dominate the animal kingdom. In all others such as strength, speed, penis size and agility animals surpass him. Cheetahs are faster, gorillas stronger, horses larger endowed, leopards more agile, etc... etc...

    Consider how little time animals spend in the womb - a lot less than humans - yet can walk almost as soon as they are born.

    Blacks, because of their physical nature, are closer to animals than other races.

  • all the strongest men were pure white and offen from scandinavia...

  • black men are only 0.3 inches bigger than white men on avarage and the white guy is more diverse than the black guy

  • Of course there are some race related physical differences, but it is very harsh to say that the black male is generally physically fitter than the white male.

    To say that black people dominate 'all sports' is ridiculous, especially if you look at sports that are popular all over the world:

    Swimming is dominated by whites.

    Weight lifting is dominated by the middle east.

    Tennis is dominated by whites.

    Running is dominated by blacks.

    Martial arts is dominated by asians.

    Boxing is dominated by blacks.

    Strongman competition is dominated by whites.

    Football (soccer) is particularly evenly distributed with the best national teams being multi ethnical.

    Penis wise, I'm not sure. I do know that the man with the biggest penis is a white guy.

  • If you can cite any of the statements in this questions, I might give a proper answer..

  • It is true that Black people are generally physically superior to white people, yet where has that gotten them? White people are inherently more intelligent, creative and most of all have self control which has allowed us to conquer the planet. When have you ever seen a black genius? A black polymath? Hell, even a black person doing physics or pure maths? (Yes I am aware there are a few, but they are clearly a rarity) In the end, intelligence trumps all... They might be stronger... But we invented guns, they might be faster... But we invented cars. The white man has invented and is continuing to develop technology that doesn't just equal the difference, it separates us into a completely different league. Therefore, you are incorrect, the one physical feature that matters most of all, is inferior in black men.

  • it's a racial stereotype which hurts white men generally and black men who aren't as athletic or well-endowed as women expect. because of the state of most urban schools, black youths turn to athletics as an outlet and concentrate on it because the environment isn't supportive of academic activities, while most rural/suburban students concentrate more on academics than athletics and have more non-athletic extracurricular options. that's why you see more athletic black men, they aren't inherently more athletic, but the way society is ordered, that's how many of them turn out.

    As for penis size, the world record holder for largest penis alive is white. That's another destructive racial stereotype that's perpetuated by the p*rn industry and plays on racial prejudices in the minds of white and black men. producers want to paint black men as animal-like savages who are sexually attacking white women, and having bigger penises makes it look more painful and them look more like animals. the averages are actually almost the same, they're just like us in most ways.

    The black guys you see on TV are playing sports or rich musicians who can afford to stay in shape. That's another place the stereotype comes from.

  • Don't rip on me if I'm wrong but... I THINK black males muscles grow faster, and their bones are heavier, that's why you don't see black swimmers.

  • You are right. Whites are inferior to blacks physically. It's just like nature and it's order of dominant species. You can see it in the behavior of dogs, where there is one alpha male. This occurs throughout nature and you can witness submissive behavior in animals all the time. It is instinct that makes one feel dominant or submissive. It's how we are all wired. Many whites deny it and refuse to believe it. I am a white male and I thought like this myself. But I insist truth of myself so one day I broke the barrier and admitted to myself that I am inferior to black men. Now I feel submissive around black men and my mind is free.

  • haha this is f***ing stupid. penis size has nothing to do with being black or white FACT! although 8 out of 10 black men's response to being a dad is "ain't mine".and most black people cannot use propoper grammer if it were to save thier life. Also, shut he f*** up about slavery. it has nothing to with you despite what you think, your right racism does exist and black people have a large part to do with that because thier answer to everything is the race card or slavery this, and racism that. also why the f*** do you we have a black history month and not a white history month? or a black entertainment television channel and not a white one? how come black people can talk about how great it is to be black yet white people can't do the same about being white? and why is M.L.K so important and not Abe Lincoln (he did free the slaves) if you ask me its whites who get more racial hostility then blacks. all you have to do is really take a look at the way society is and you will see for yourself.

  • You are stupid, in South Africa a country with 10% whites there has to be a law in place so that blacks can make the sporting teams...look it up, you stupid f***ing american

  • i think that you're a slut...LOL

  • white men have compensated with their brains, it's called evolution.

  • Speaking from a white males side, yes no doubt that a most black men are superior . All you have to do is open your eyes, say like a locker room or in sports. And most girls say over all black men in bed are twice as good in bed as white men when it comes to size. People should stop blaming white girls for wanting to be with black men hell you can't blame them. I know a lot of white girls who fill the sameway

  • You've spent a lot of time observing men haven't you ;)

  • you are a stupid f***ing suburban wannabe-nigger homosexual. go suck some black d*** and then hang yourself from a f***ing tree you idiot f***

  • well man, good way to put in every single steriotype you've heard, first of all. umm how are black men better at sports then white men? not even basketball is filled with black guys. um physically fit, noo that doesn't work because you see brown skil makes muscle seem more defined also I see lots of fat muscle black guys but not toned. and no the big black d*** thing is not true either, that's defenitly bullsh*t P.S. I'm black and still everything you said is stupit and racis

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