Women, what is the one thing a guy can do during sex that turns you on the most

(what the title said)


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  • when he looks into your eyes while having sex(assuming that you are facing each other) when he talks to me and tells me how good it feels etc etc and this might sound odd but a big turn on for me is when he says something like "oh baby,im cumming that's so good" and the last few times when he's had to bite the pillow or his hand so he doesn't yell and moan out loud,oh so kinky I ,love it makes him seem so vunerable and I love him more for it...

    • So if your guy moans that's a turn on?

    • Yes it is a big turn on for me..shows that he is enjoying himself..and me!!!

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  • Talk dirty to me. I love hearing the words, the way he says them, the mental pictures they conjure up in my mind... and anything he does while using them.

  • talking dirty..and talking sh*t lol.. and a tease sometimes..thrown up against a wall..grabbing my ass..biting me

  • Have an orgasm :o)

  • bite me

  • Compliments feel good, but so does "deep penetration".

    Aggressiveness is always a real turn on...but that might be a personal thing.

    Not hitting or anything; just the whole domination and forcefulness...covering the mouth, holding down my arms, seriousness...ahhh. haha.

    It's only hot if I want it, of course.

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