How many girls actually like anal?

How many girls actually like anal sex? I know in pornos girls are always "acting" like they love it but I have never known any girls that really would let you try...even with lube. I never would force it on any girl just to see what it was like but I am curious to know how many real girls out there have tried it or would be willing to with their guy?


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  • Based on my experience, the 50 fraternity bros I lived with while in college, and the handful of guys I lived with after college before getting married ( taking into account blatant lies, fabrications, and exaggerations), I'd say that between ages 18-30 about 1 in 3 girls, give or take. No pun intended. From what I gather half of them actually liked it or repeated. Also, I think David-C captured the essence of the thing pretty well. Not missing much.

    I have one buddy who has never had a girlfriend or hookup that didn't do it. Never. He also has an uncanny ability to find the one girl in the bar that will have a conversation with him about it an hour after meeting him and responds well to the line "I have a king size bed". So according to him it would be more like 99.9% of the population. I'm also pretty sure the crabs and other nasties on this kid drive 4-wheelers and have traffic lights, so who's to say? Life would be pretty boring though without interesting friends.

    You know, I'm not really sure I actually answered anything here...