How many girls actually like anal?

How many girls actually like anal sex? I know in pornos girls are always "acting" like they love it but I have never known any girls that really would let you try...even with lube. I never would force it on any girl just to see what it was like but I am curious to know how many real girls out there have tried it or would be willing to with their guy?


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  • Based on my experience, the 50 fraternity bros I lived with while in college, and the handful of guys I lived with after college before getting married ( taking into account blatant lies, fabrications, and exaggerations), I'd say that between ages 18-30 about 1 in 3 girls, give or take. No pun intended. From what I gather half of them actually liked it or repeated. Also, I think David-C captured the essence of the thing pretty well. Not missing much.

    I have one buddy who has never had a girlfriend or hookup that didn't do it. Never. He also has an uncanny ability to find the one girl in the bar that will have a conversation with him about it an hour after meeting him and responds well to the line "I have a king size bed". So according to him it would be more like 99.9% of the population. I'm also pretty sure the crabs and other nasties on this kid drive 4-wheelers and have traffic lights, so who's to say? Life would be pretty boring though without interesting friends.

    You know, I'm not really sure I actually answered anything here...


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  • I am completely uncomfortable with a guy even getting near that hole, and there's no way I'd go for it. I think there are women who don't mind it, but I'm definitely not one of them.

    • I can respect that decision entirely. However, I never thought I would like giving it. Everyone is different, some people are curious, some people are content with traditional values in sex. Jus depends on that particular person I guess

  • ive done it without lube. we just sorta went for it and it was tons of fun! I loved it!

  • Honestly, I would only try it if I was married to the guy. Seems like a "shitty situation"

  • Love it Love it Love it! Not every time but on the rare occasion I crave and it;s incredibly satisfying, for both parties!

    • Awesome to know, if both parties are into it, it is and can be amazing magic :)

  • I find more and more guys ask me if I'll do it.I often will.

  • I love it... it's very dominating and sexy you have a lot of nerves in there and its very stimulating. I only done it with my husband he didn't like the idea of it at first but now he loves it. I'm more of a sub tho. I don't know how many are into it none of my friends are they say I'm a freak so I don't know.

  • I've done it twice , maybe three times without lube. I didn't like it. It was painful & always had diarrhea the next day. Ew !

  • umm I have only done it day and then the next.

    honestly, the morning and day after the first time my butt was sore. But not very sore, just a bit.

    I kinda like it, I guess I like it more knowing that it turns my boyfriend on. It also adds spice to a relationship lol. I have been with him for a year and only ever him with the exception of my first time. So I'm not one of those girls who has like a loose vagina like a girl addressed below.

    It's a weird mix of sex and the satiating feeling of deficating(like the relief feeling). But like I said it makes me more turned on that my boyfriend loves it.

    AND if you are really over 45, I am sure you know the answers already. There is clearly a split between girls not ever trying it and girls who would try.

  • Never did and never would do it. guys like to do it with girls after their pussys get so big from all the guys they had sex with. nasty

    • I can see your point, sometimes women will wear one hole out, and switch to anal! Must be horrible for the woman to feel like she's wore out her vagina

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  • I think I've been with maybe 30 ladies in my lifetime. Most of them never said anything about wanting it, so I never needed to try it for myself, since the other spot was made for putting a **** in it About 3 years ago I dated a lady for 2 years and she asked if I wanted to. I asked her if it would be fun for her, if it would make her feel good, since that's what it is all about to me. She said she would like to try it and had always said no to guys who asked, even her X. Well, we did that a few times and she seemed to enjoy it after getting over the first part, which seemed a little bit painful to her to be honest. I can say that I had one of the hardest orgasms ever that day.

    She asked for it again a few days later, so I'm guessing that it was something that she wanted to explore a bit. I'd do it again if that's what my lady wanted, but it's not much different than a good tight twat from my perspective.

  • I've actually had girlfriends that didn't mind that, but I don't know if they liked it or not. To be honest, I don't see what the big deal is. It's really more trouble than it's worth and there's no real way to be cool about breaking out the lube and stuff. It doesn't feel much different from the normal way (at least from the guys perspective), and after your done, all you want to do is take a shower. Usually because after you're done is when the grossness of what you just did starts to sink in. It's more the novelty of it that I think most guys are into. So if you haven't done it already I wouldn't worry too much, you aren't missing much.

    • I think it should be a nice idea to make a real poll, thought this website has to be biaised due to the fact that people who come here are pretty much more open minded that others.

      As for my own experience, I'm a french canadian (culture might play a role) and I have been with around 30 girls over the past few years. I think most girls say no, thought it is very possible that they change their mind after a bit of anal stimulation. In fact, I think most girls enjoy a finger around

    • Or in during penetration and cunni. I had 5 girls to do it out of 30 which makes it for 16%. But I'm pretty sure 2 didn't like it and some that didn't do it would've liked it. My current girlfriend (almost 2 years now) won't because she said it hurts too much when we try.

      We need numbers.

  • The percentage in a few polls I've seen seem to be around 10%-15% of them like it.

    I've never tried it with someone yet, so I can't say personally.

  • Anal is so hot. Sometimes, my dog really gets into it. Damn it's good.

  • Lemme lay this on thick--most won't go for it. I've slept with ~50 girls in the last decade, mostly American, white, fit (idk if that makes a difference). The bottom line: 8 of them actually went through with it. 4 were actually into it. So that 40% BS is off the table.

    I think the reasons for her eemed really eager to do whatever to please their man (the first girl I ever had anal sex with said that "i was just listening for your breathing to see if you liked it." Ohparticipation are the big thing. Of the four that did it without really being into it, all of them s, high school.) BTW ladies, this is a guaranteed way to F up a relationship.

    Of the other four that were into it:

    1. was really, really christian. You will see this more than you think. She was opposed to violating the laws of god by f'ing out of wedlock, so sodomy was apparently the next best option (I said she was really christian, not really pragmatic). On the other hand, she usually got us started because I'm not a pushy lover, and she at one point said it made her feel like a "real woman." This situation is best described in Spanish as "Que el Fucko?"

    2. my old roommate (whom I was under the impression was a lesbian) got me super drunk so she could f*** me and decided to try it without asking. Not cool. Ladies--don't do it drunk if alcohol gives you bubble guts. And don't expect a guy to be into it. I know plenty of guys that can't understand how I've ever even done it once. I call this, "the experimenter."

    3. the girl that didn't want a relationship but needed rough sex ("call me a whore... la de da de da"--again, not all guys want to degrade you, either). She wanted ATM and things of this nature, so I call her paradigm "the female bottom."

    4. finally, and this was the woman that I think most enjoyed it, really did love it, there was the girl that just loved it. she trusted me to get behind her and really go at it, but I could trust her to be doing it for all the right reasons. I could feel that trust around me, not all squeezy. She not only liked the stimulation, she was also really into the after-party (polite way to say creampie anyone?). I found out that semen is full of endorphines and hormones that apparently lower rates of depression and suicide in women that have unprotected sex in general. I think that this same effect through the lower intestine is probably much faster and obvious. So I call her the "junkie." Not because she turned out to have a between the toes problem, but also because she needed me to empty out in her back-side multiple times per day. We talked not too long ago--she is clean with the Horse but apparently picked up a ton of p*rn regarding this other addiction. :-P

    Long story short, most girls don't like anal. But if you listen and observe, you can probably make a reasonable guess from across the room without asking and looking like a perv.

  • From my knowledge, it's not a popular thing to do, yet lots of people do it. I've never had anal sex, but I enjoy sodomy and being kinky. But if I found a girl free-spirited enough, I'd totally go for it.

  • Well actually percentage of the girls who like anal sex is growing a lot bigger, these Years a lot of Girls are takin it up the ass, I guess the actual percentage is 40% so Yeah.