Girls is it true you don't wear underwear with skirts and dresses that are long enough to cover everything?

My friend and I were checking out a girl we like in school who was wearing a dress and my friend said she wasn't wearing underwear. I called BS on him and he said girls don't wear underwear with dresses lol. I don't believe him. Settle a bet for us please.

  • I always wear underwear no matter what
    62% (20)13% (2)47% (22)Vote
  • Sometimes I don't wear underwear with dresses and skirts
    28% (9)7% (1)21% (10)Vote
  • I never wear underwear with dresses or skirts
    10% (3)0% (0)6% (3)Vote
  • Other
    0% (0)80% (12)26% (12)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I always underwear especially with a dress or skirt. I mean I've gone commando before in shorts or pants but I prefer to wear underwear.

    • Yep I've only gone commando a handful of times in life mainly due to not doing laundry in a timely manner (rather go without than put on dirty after shower). I figured girls are the same and so far with the votes I'm winning.

    • Yep that's the only reason I do too

What Girls Said 9

  • I always wear a thong as well. Sometimes I don't when I wear leggings or something but in skirts and dresses I wear something. Just in case! Cause you never know!

  • It depends on the girl. For me, sometimes I don't sometimes I do. Depends if I feel like wearing a thong or not.

  • i personally always wear at least a thong, it feels too naked otherwise

  • i have never left the house without underwear

    i always wear them, esp with dresses and skirts

  • I wear underwear all the time unless I'm sleeping, changing, going to the bathroom, showering, or swimming.

    • I would hope your underwear isn't on while going to the bathroom O.o

    • Lol me too

  • Usually, girls do wear underwear with dresses and skirts. Some girls may choose not to, either once in a while or all the time. But the general rule is that we do wear underwear no matter what's on top.

  • I almost always panties under a dress. I don't want guys looking up my dress!

  • I have one of those long maxi sun dresses that's cottony and form-fitting...I never wear underwear with it. It's long enough that it can't blow up and then I don't have a panty line. Sometimes I won't wear underwear under a skirt or dress that is to my knees, but anything above that I feel too exposed lol. I rarely wear underwear with sweats or pj shorts and such.


What Guys Said 1

  • I remember a girl in my high school who wore no underwear one day when she had a skirt lol. I'd never have noticed (and I doubt anyone else really did since no one talked about it, small class size it would have gone around easily) if not for the fact our English class had things set up in a circle instead of rows or anything and ya. Was when she was changing her leg position for a sec. I was rather shocked, but didn't care.