Girls is it true you don't wear underwear with skirts and dresses that are long enough to cover everything?

My friend and I were checking out a girl we like in school who was wearing a dress and my friend said she wasn't wearing underwear. I called BS on him and he said girls don't wear underwear with dresses lol. I don't believe him. Settle a bet for us please.

  • Vote A I always wear underwear no matter what
  • Vote B Sometimes I don't wear underwear with dresses and skirts
  • Vote C I never wear underwear with dresses or skirts
  • Vote D Other
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  • I always underwear especially with a dress or skirt. I mean I've gone commando before in shorts or pants but I prefer to wear underwear.

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      Yep I've only gone commando a handful of times in life mainly due to not doing laundry in a timely manner (rather go without than put on dirty after shower). I figured girls are the same and so far with the votes I'm winning.

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      Yep that's the only reason I do too