Do girls look up guys' shorts?

you know how a lot of guys try to look up girls skirts? do girls try to look up guys shorts?


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  • heheh yes actually there's a guy in one of my classes that sits across from me and he wears shorts all the time and I look not on purpose though my eyes just wonder there hehehe


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  • Absolutely! *L* If it's on display, I'm going to look. I also love to see a man in tight jeans going commando underneath. Love seeing the outline of what he's packing in there. I've done this since I was in my teens.

  • never crossed my mind! Not kidding...way to scar me for life! :P

    I tend to notice the guy's upper body more anyway, so I guess some girls might do that even though I don't. I dont' imagine it's common practice though.

  • hell no. that' would scare the sh*t out of me.

  • YES.. Many will say NO, but sometimes there is a lot of free room to see into your shorts when you are sitting across from us.

    • Yeah, but do you like it, or are you thinking, "Ewww!" LOL

    • Ohhhh ic. No not normally it is more of an ewww put that stuff away. Now the only case I can say I might want to see is if its a guy I am seeing and we haven't had sex yet. Well it's kinda a preview and if its big I guess I would say that could be a turn on.

  • I have never thought about it. Not a bad idea.

  • Hell no! Lets be honest as much as I love it the male penis is not pretty to see when not in action. * Unless your sitting with your legs crossed with no underwear lol (grosssss) I don't see that happening!

  • No way, honestly I think most girls aren't as perverted as guys who do that are.

    ...I guess some girls do though, definitely surprises me though.


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  • Wow dude. Great question. I never thought of this. Then again, why would I! lol

  • I know you were looking for answers from girls but I once caught a woman looking up my kilt. I don't think she would have hesitated to look up a pair of shorts.