If a guy wants to lose his virginity to you, does that mean he respects you?

This guy has made it clear that he wants to get in a relationship with me and also wants to lose his virginity to me. Does this mean he respects me and cares about me? Or does he only want a relationship so that he can lose his virginity, since he knows I won't have sex with a guy I'm not exclusive with?


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  • If he has specifically told you that he wants loose his virginity to you than most likely not. If he really did care and respect you, just being with you would be enough.


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  • This does not say anything. He might be selfish idiot or he can really mean that you are special. Let him wait. Stand against him and then you will really see how he respects you.

  • hmm. That's a tough one. You can't generalise this situation. a guy has nothing to lose when he "loses his virginity" on the contrary, he has something to gain. I am not saying that he doesn't respect and care about u. Just saying him wanting to lose his virginity to you at this point doesn't mean much. How old is he?

    • we're both 22. and he's a shy guy, if that matters at all.

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    • i find it very hard to beleive he's 22 and hasn't had sex. which leads me to beleive he's playing you. If you are younger than him this re-enforces this theory. On the other hand I could be wrong. Maybe he's a sweet innocent shy 22 year old who fell in love with you. Hard to say, wish I could be more help. good luck!

    • alright, thanks for your answer.

  • no...this is something which he would have said to a dozen of girls before who knows virgin or non-virgin guys can't be proved for that unlike girls...i find it bad

  • That could mean anything...he could be really into you..then again could just be a line...I would have to know the dude...I am not a mind reader...don't read too much into it...actions speak louder than words...(:


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