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How many guys have accidentally or purposely came in a woman?

Clearly many guys get off on cumming inside the woman's vagina. For the ladies who answer: How do you feel about a guy cumming inside of you? Are... Show More

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  • I like when my guy finishes inside me, it's intimate and a turn-on. I've been on birth control almost constantly since I was 16, and don't ovulate regularly, so am less fertile already anyway. However, I use condoms as well with any guy I haven't established as having clean STD results, so those guys didn't/don't get to finish inside me directly, whether I'm casual or serious with them. And I'm much more careful about it now, because my ex either lied about recent testing before he was with me, or he fooled around on me. I'm betting both, because months after our breakup, one of his female friends informs me at the bar that he had been with her and at least one other girl during at least half of our relationship. Either way, I ended up positive for chlamydia when I got tested after our breakup [I always test between partners], and I know for a fact that I got it from him, because I was negative for everything on my test before I got with him. Anyway, I was disgusted and irate, got it taken care of, told him he needed to get his s.hit checked and inform whoever else he may have been f.ucking, and now I refuse to get rid of condoms until there are physical ON PAPER results showing me that the guy is clean. He screwed me over, but it's partially my fault because I should have demanded the evidence instead of just taking his word, because his word ended up not being worth much.ANYWAY, when everything is completely safe and clean, particularly with a serious partner, I prefer that my guy finish inside me, whether it be orally, vaginally, or anally.

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  • I was on BC for two years and my bf's came inside me all the time and I didn't get pregnant.I like when he cums inside

  • I don't really feel it but I'm fine with it as I'm on the Pill. :)

  • I love for a guy to come inside me. Yes, I am on birth control.

  • I don't feel comfortable because I'm extremely paranoid about pregnancy.

    • comfortable with it, I mean*

  • i don't feel anything, it's just more wet, but you can't even tell

  • I love when guys come in me but sometimes you can't feel it.. but I don't have unprotected sex unless I've been with the person for a while... I just got on b.c this year but with my ex I wasn't and I guess I'm not compatable with him or I can't have kids... At one point I thought I was stuck with him and didn't care lol stupid.

  • It's a nice feeling when the guy cums inside, but I'm not on birth control right now, so not a good idea. He's gotta put on a condom or pull it out.

  • We can't feel it but it makes you feel dirty

    • In a good way or a bad way?

    • I could feel it squirting when I was with my ex

What Guys Said 2

  • "When you came inside her, was it because you came before you wanted to (by accident) or on purpose regardless of what she said?"I think those are pretty crappy options, haha. I come inside of her because we BOTH want to, she's on birth control, and we're STD-free.

  • I love the feeling of cumming inside. I think a lot of it is just the thrill. Normally, it's just unprotected sex which leads to me cumming inside and they have no problem with it either, even if they are not on birth control. I don't know their reasons why they like it, but to me it's the thrill and risk. Though I never do ask beforehand though later find out after asking after the act at some point, but I still will do it again with them, unprotected and cumming inside. Though,a couple of times I did have one woman basically force me to come inside of her after I told her I was about to come and was pulling out. But I know it is stupid, but I love doing it and will continue to do it as long as the woman agrees and will be doing it again soon. But well, it's normally most of the time on purpose one way or another.

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