Changing clothes in front of opposite gender?

So I've red on this site about the opinions on people changing in front of the other gender, and if it's appropriate. We're not talking fully nude, to undergarments in girls case and boxers in guys case.

What do you actually think

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  • It depends on the person, how well I know them, and how comfortable I am with them. If its a boyfriend then of course I'll be fine with it. As far as guy friends, though, I have to know them really really well to be comfortable with that. As of right now there's really only one or two guy friends that I'd be alright with changing in front of.


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  • depends on how reveling your undergarmets are I guess, like a thong or somthing, not OK. but I think as long as everyones comfortable with it then there shouldn't be a problem. with limits, like you shouldn't be changing in front of your friends girlfriend/boyfriend obvi.

  • I have had to change in front of other girls for sports. have had to change for one act play in front of boys and girls. have gone skinny dipping. As long as the person is cool and its not weird in any way..i don't care who seems me. I mean come on..all girls have the same parts..and guys have already seen all the same what's the big deal. If somebody is pervin..or acting weird..then yes. But I don't know why people are so weird about seeing each others bodies.

    • I am stupid..wasnt reading the question right. :P yes..i have changed or been seen when I have been skinny dipping and changing for one act play. Never saw a guy naked at the gym though I did try! :P Have seen my guy friends change before or pee on the side of the road. who cares. :P

  • i was in Marching band, we had to change in front of the opposite gender all the time... so I don't mind

  • i don't mind it. if the guy is hot I def don't mind, lol. I've changed in front of my bros friends alot, and some of my dads friends have seen me change into or out of a bikini. its fun to see if they look.

  • It depends on how well you know them. If you don't know them at all it may be awkward, even if you aren't nude lol. If you kinda know each other, it may be OK if you can trust each other. If you know each other very well, then its perfectly fine :)

  • Same gender- NO!

    Opposite gender- ABSOLUTELY!

  • so what's the question?

    • If its appropriate to change clothes in front of the opposite gender.

    • depends on the situation, if it's your boyfriend or girlfriend or you're married then sure. but to each their own

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