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What does a boyish figure for a girl mean?

is it when girl have no boobs, too skinny and have boyish thin hips? What if girl have small boobs, thin but her hips is wide...-is it boyish... Show More

hips is 90 cm, waist is 62

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  • i have a boyish figure. its more the "straight up and down" look or if your bust and hips are balanced out, but your waist isn't very defined, even if its small. a lot of models have this shape. its the opposite of hourglass or pear shaped, which is when your hips (or both hips and bust) are balanced out but the waist is very defined and clearly noticeable. or a boyish figure could be when you have that V shape that many men also have - your shoulders and probably your bust will be wider than your hips. so you have narrower hips compared to your top half. although some people will say that if you have a small chest and a flatter butt, you have a boyish figure as well, regardless of what your hips and waist look like. its really about the hips/ waist thing though, but lack of boobs or butt can accentuate it. some celebs with boyish figures are natalie portman, penelope cruz, gwen stefani, kate hudson, debra messing, corinne bailey rae, catherine zeta jones, keira knightley, etc. link link link link link link link link link link

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What Guys Said 2

  • If your waist is about the same as your hips, then you've got a boyish figure.The size of your boobs is irrelevant.

    • its far from same size

    • Then you don't have a boyish figure.

  • Your first description = boyishDescription #2 = pearbut you decide link

What Girls Said 2

  • If your waist is about the same size as your hips you have a boyish figure. It basically means lack of curves.

    • for example waist is 70 and hips is 85?

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