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Girls, Have You Ever Humped A Pillow Or Stuffed Animal?

Just curious. Please share. Thanks!

This is kind of funny. Everyone's so embarrassed about it, but it's so much fun. To be fair, I was a chronic pillow humper too while growing up :-)

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  • I'm embarrassed but will admit I have. I was younger though, like in my teens. It was before I had a vibrator.

    • Pillow or stuffed animal?

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    • Well with a vibrator you can just sit back and enjoy. Yes, with the pillows you have to put a little more effort into it, get creative, and you can do all kinds of humping. lol

    • Will you give it another try for us, and let us know if you can get to orgasm after growing used to a vibrator?

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  • Nope, never was a humper.

  • I used to all the time, I got caught and stopped.

    But started again and do it all the time now, love it<3

  • I think everyone has when they were younger. I believe it's just in our human nature to hump because it feels good. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Even animals do it...think dogs with stuffed animals. I've humped a couple pillows in my younger days (didn't even know what sex was at the time) and have witnessed my younger sister and others do the same. It's nothing bad and nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Why did you stop? I'm curious about whether you would still find it stimulating.

    • I believe I remember my mom yelling at me and telling me that little kids don't do that . So I always thought it was wrong and I remember telling on my younger sister when I saw her doing it also. lol I don't really have the need to hump my pillow now a days...I have my hubby that I like to hump now instead lol. But question for you, am I right when I sense that you have a fetish watching other women hump pillows??

    • Thanks for sharing. I wish you and your sister could rediscover the joy! :-) husband or no husband, everyone should enjoy some self loving -- and a pillow's never far away :-)

      Do I have a fetish? Not sure. It's one of many things I enjoy. I humped a lot of pillows growing up, fantasizing that they were women I would one day have. The build up and the squuesing of the pillow between my legs, and then the subsequent unconstrained orgasmic release. Wow! Now learning girls wanted the same thing :)

  • Yes. Love doing it!

  • No not really lol But I HAVE practiced making out with them lmao :D

  • i was; still am. . .i guess :P :]

  • haha a pillow! :-)

  • yes lol

  • i'm embarrassed to say yes I have, but only a few times and it was years ago

    • Why are you embarassed? It's fun, and even hot to watch. Did you hump your pillow or stuffed toys?

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    • Yeah definitely. I've actually been feeling annoyed with my vibrator lately because I realized that since I started using it, I have become less imaginative and its just really a quick fix. When I used to use a pillow I put so much more energy into it and the result was usually better.

    • That's an incredible insight! There's something to be said about a "home made" orgasm :-) in this age of instant gratification, I too like to return back to the basics, and enjoy a richer more imaginative experience -- hands off with just a pillow and my creativity. Let me know how it works out for you :-)

  • yess I have, only a couple times tho

    and I wouldn't bring that up to anyone wither. its kind of emberassing =]

    • Nothing to be embarrassed about. Pillow or stuffed animal?

  • hahaha lol I have It was when I was younger and knew absolutely nothing about the real thing. Lol I never told anyone and to admit I kinda glad I wasn't the only one who did it..lol..too funny.

    • Stand tall and stand proud! :-)

      Pillow or stuffed animal?

    • Both but more pillows. lol..

    • Would you consider trying it again? Would love to hear if you could bring yourself to orgasm after so many years without practice :-)

  • lol yeah I have

    i was younger and it just felt so good

    • Pillow or stuffed animal?

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    • Lol


      i haven't tried

    • Would you consider trying again, and letting us know if it still works for you?

  • Yes, I still hump my pillow actually. Using a stuffed animal would be creepy

  • yea...lol

    • You go girl! Pillow or stuffed animal?

    • Aw... both...

    • Which of the two do you prefer? And can you share which stuffed animal was the lucky one?

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