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Does it mean anything if a guy runs his fingers through your hair?

Last night my friend with benefits and I were cuddling watching tv, first he started off rubbing me on my side,like usual then it turns into make out... Show More

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  • Yes, generally when I run my fingers through a girls hair, it's someone who I have a lot of feelings for and want to get very close to. Like someone already said though, what's the next step for you two? Something you need to be talking about.

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    • Just be completely honest with how you feel, COMPLETLEY. Ask, "where do you see us going from here?" If you really like this guy and want to get more serious, TELL HIM. But be ready! You say you're just friends with benefits, that's all he might want.You've got yourself in a potentially difficult/hurtful situation because women can't go on sleeping with a man for a long period of time without developing emotions for him, men can. I can't though, I don't know how some guys do it lol. Good luck and

    • feel free to ask if you have anymore questions!

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  • Hair is a very personal, private thing, so much so that some cultures/faiths have women cover their hair as a means of modesty. You can tell if two people are intimate with each other if they touch the person’s hair. He could be touching your hair because the two of you are intimate with each other and he is comfortable with how close he is to you. But since you two have been hooking up for a while now how do you move further; you've skipped to the last step of a relationship before building up the other aspects that strengthen relationships?

    • how do I bring you the next step

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