Girls, does wearing tight/skinny jeans get you aroused?

Some girls wearing jeans that are ridiculously tight. Sometimes I wonder how comfortable that could be? So I was wondering, by wearing such tight jeans (or even yoga pants for that matter), does that put pressure on your clit? Are you walking around in a constant state of arousal?


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  • lol I guess I could see where you might think/wonder that but really no. now them being tight and us feeling sexy can arouse us but no they don't rub on anything to arouse us.

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      Thanks for the honest feedback. I know that when girls masturbate or are being pleased, one of the best ways to do it is to put pressure on their clit. So I figured with such tight jeans/yoga pants, it would be putting pressure on your clit, therefore arousal! I thought that would also help to explain why so many girls wear tight clothing. Seems logical, but I guess that's not the case.

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      Yep! I totally agree ;-)