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Do black guys really have bigger penises?

My ex left me for black guy because he was 11 1/2 and only 16 years old.

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  • 11.5" is a cute fantasy...

    But anyway, no that's a stereotype..in my limited unscientific study based solely off of my personal experience Id sooner say the opposite is true. Only one black guy I've been with was what Id consider large but still not as large as the biggest guy I've been with who was latino... The rest of the black guys I've been with were pretty small... Every white guy I've been with, except one, was very large.

    Im so used to it...that if I ever were with a white guy who didn't pull out a magnum, I'm pretty sure Id be genuinely surprised...

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  • Lmao. Stop ittt.

  • I've only had limited experience on this subject, and I'm trying to think of a good way to put it... the largest penis I've seen was black, yes, but not all of the black ones have been larger. I hope that makes sense, lol :o)

  • I heard it was scientifically proven on the average black males are bigger.

    I'm not about to google "black d***s" so that's all I got for this subject.

  • OMG id cry if I knew something that is 11.5 inches was gonna b in me.. that kid is like a HORSE.. haha

  • I'd def say so.

  • I don't think that's true because everybody is different and who knows white guys are probably bigger then black guys...to me you just can't have the answer to that question unless you take every black guy in the world and compare them to all the white guys in the world.

  • Something that big is a monster. The Hulk. I guess that's why they call them "Monster Dicks" in porn.

    I feel for you, honey. I'd personally be scared of a huge penis. Some girls are into it, I guess.

    As for your initial question, it depends on the person.

    Once you go black, you never go back!

    Just kidding.

  • From my experience (terrible) the white guy sucked (sorry but not sorry) I felt nothing

  • There's no way he was 11.5 inches, that's like bigger than all of those huge p*rn stars.

    but ones I've been with have had pretty good sized d***s but that size is bs.

    • 32d

      I have a 8 inch penis and I'm white and 17

  • ive heard of that, but no one

    can completely answer this question cuz

    all black guys are different. they have that same

    rumor with italian penises, and again, no one really knows.

  • Eleven and a half inches!?!? Omg NO! Maybe its just my opinion because I'm a virgin but if my boyfriend had equipment that large I'd run for the hills. I don't want someone who can stab my belly button from the inside. That's horrendous. Your girlfriend is either crazy or insanely brave to face something like that. Also I think size can't be predicted by race. And maybe your girlfriend was lying because I mean 11.5 at 16? he's not even done growing yet it might end up around his knees if she's serious.

  • I don't know why it's probably genetics

  • By 11 1/2, I hope you don't mean inches.

    That's not likely.

  • an episode of oprah had this on and black men are bigger then white and hispanic men tied and then asian. Yes there are black guys with 11 inches or more I know of some.

  • I've been with a lot of men mostly white but a few black men. White men on average measure 3 to 5 inches, and black men measure 7 to 9 inches. So yes MOST white men have small penis's. That is not a myth. All if these people sayin that every white guy they've been with was big is a liar, or they must be finding these well hung white men on some sex web site, because men don't have sh! t below the belt. Black men are on average the biggest. That's the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!

  • i hear this and I think its true to be honest. I hooked up with only 1 white guy that was like 7.5 inches, but he was mixed with black way back in his ancestry. the reason I think blk guys do have bigger penises is because you always hear people bring up the study that the average penis size is 5 inches..but the average black guy is around 7 inches. I have friends who have been with a few more people than me and they say 8 and 9 inch guys are not rare. 5 inches is small for a black guy, so if its average for everyone else, then they do have bigger penises lol

    • 3mo

      Sorry but it's not true. I have been with several black guys, white guys and Latinos and blacl guys are consistently the smallest of the three.

  • it depends on the guy. I have seen some white guys who are packing and a black guy who should have been embarrassed lol

What Guys Said 18

  • Some , others are smaller:



  • If you had a cock that big, you'd be obstructing ceiling fans.

  • 11 1/2?

    do you realize that's almost a foot

  • My dick is only 3 inches long so that's probably one reason why I am still a virgin.

  • What girl would WANT an 11.5" penis? Lay a ruler on your crotch and see where that would end up. He'd be f***ing the bottom of the girl's stomach if he could actually fit in there. Seriously anything beyond like 7" max is a waste.

    And either way, the fact that she'd leave you for a guy soely based on the fact that he has a bigger penis means that she's a slut/bitch/whore/(insert derogatory female insult here) who isn't worth anyone's time.

    As for the race thing, first of all she's probably lying. It's statistically proven that women tend to overestimate a guy's penis size by at least an inch. I don't know if they're just bad at guessing size, but unless she's actually taken out a tape measurer and measured it herself, don't beleive her. Especically if there were hard feelings on the break up then she's probably just exaggerating anyways to make you feel bad. Also while an 11.5" penis is possible, it is EXTREMELY rare, like .0001% of the male population on earth might be packing one.

    And as for black guys being bigger. There is SOME statistical evidencce to suggest that black men are SLIGHTLY bigger than white. The average white man is around 6", while the average black man is a little under 6 1/2".

  • uh cause 11 1/2 inch doesn't actually exist. only 1% of guys have and 8 inch penis. The average is 5.5inches. I think like the max penis ever would be like 10 inches and there would be like 10 people in america with a 10 inch penis.

  • This topic is so weird and lame at times ;) It depends on the individual purely... NOT RACE !!

  • some are and some aren't, just like white guys..i would say there are more bigger blk guys than white, what most girls don't realize the Vjj will work with most any sizes and the bigger it gets stretched the most loose they will be. its all about how they use it. Have fun

  • The statistics repeatedly say no. this misconception comes from a change in blood flow between blacks and other races. blacks dicks don't get get nearly as small after orgasm/when not aroused. this also means that they don't generally gain as much size wise when they are aroused as other races do. the fact is, is that you have the same likelihood of your girlfriend telling you that even if it was a white/hispanic guy.

  • Well sadly its not true... I have 2 best friends, one is Mexican and the other is British... I am black lol. We all have the same size penis. We checked when we where dared at a party. Soo im pretty sure that its all in the genetic history of the guy.

  • Genetics my ass. Black come in all sizes and shapes like everybody else. But a black penis comes without the baggage of hundreds of years of puritanism. So we got it goin' on!

  • The answer is no. I am so tired of black guys lying or white girls lying for their boyfriends. Here is the 100% truth! I am bi sexual and have explored this
    Myth and have found nothing but small black guys. On average, white guys are consistently big, Latinos usually measure up as well. Black guys being the smallest. It is the total truth!! You can explore this yourself or you could save yourself the waiste of time. Do not believe the myth.

  • Genetic have more to do with it not weather your black White Asian its your personal genetic build up
    Over thousands of years

  • I would hate to have one that long! How the hell do you hide it from the general public? She might have exagerated or measured wrong or he might have said that. Is this hard or soft?

  • 11 1/2 at 16? Yeah I'm and 20''

  • The short answer is no. There is not a lot of scientific data on penis size with relation to race, because, lets face it, its not a very "professional" hypothesis. The few studies that have been done (most notably the Kelsey study) have shown no statistical difference between any race. These studies have sometimes found that one group (it differs with each survey) are 1-2 centimeters larger on average, but all of them have suffered from a selection differential that skews results (ex. One study had hundreds of white male responses and 33 black male responses). The average adult male penis length is accepted to be ~5.12 inches. Also, female studies have shown the average vagina to be 4-5 inches deep before reaching the cervix, and surveys of women show that the "optimal" penis length in their opinion is seven inches. So scientifically there is no difference.

    Socially, there is the well-known black penis myth. It is interesting to note that most cultures have a "this race is bigger" myth and it is not always black people. South America has an interesting fixation on Asian penises. Also, some radical Islamic clerics have used references to "large" white Western infidels to stir their Middle-eastern following. If a popular belief is only adhered to by a small percentage of the world population, one has to question it.

    Also, the only "evidence" consistently cited for this myth is the pornographic industry. First off, the porn industry should never be referenced as a reflection of the average, usual picture of sex. If that were true, all women would love it up the butt and pizza delivery guys would be having sex twenty times a day :) Anyway, you actually see a wide variety of penis sizes among all races, just not many small penises from any race. The few more "extra-large" black actors can be explained as simply market demand. For various social reasons, there is the market for that sort of interracial pornography. And sometimes, it isn't even large black men but fake plastic penises (ex. Monsters of Cock, etc). In fact, the preference for large penises in black men has been decried as a racist tendency of the industry by some black performers. I.E., while white actors are hired on the basis of penis size, acting ability, and overall sexual prowess; black actors are only hired if they are particularly gifted, with no consideration to other relevant talent.

    All of that said, people will be attracted to who they like. Different people have different preferences and no one can change that. I know three women who have admitted "going black and coming back". The only concern anyone should have is finding someone who you enjoy being with everywhere, not just in the sack. As long as they can usually please you sexually, there is nothing to worry about.

  • There is a white dude in NY with that was measured at 13.5" natural... so there's that. HE is obviously a freak of nature but I've heard plenty of time black guys admit the stereotype is buth untrue and unfair.

  • you are so full of sh*t...or at least she is. You could probably count all the 11.5" penises in the US on one hand.

    • Sorry, maybe she's the one lying, not you.

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