Do black guys really have bigger penises?

My ex left me for black guy because he was 11 1/2 and only 16 years old.


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    11.5" is a cute fantasy...

    But anyway, no that's a my limited unscientific study based solely off of my personal experience Id sooner say the opposite is true. Only one black guy I've been with was what Id consider large but still not as large as the biggest guy I've been with who was latino... The rest of the black guys I've been with were pretty small... Every white guy I've been with, except one, was very large.

    Im so used to it...that if I ever were with a white guy who didn't pull out a magnum, I'm pretty sure Id be genuinely surprised...


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  • What girl would WANT an 11.5" penis? Lay a ruler on your crotch and see where that would end up. He'd be f***ing the bottom of the girl's stomach if he could actually fit in there. Seriously anything beyond like 7" max is a waste.

    And either way, the fact that she'd leave you for a guy soely based on the fact that he has a bigger penis means that she's a slut/bitch/whore/(insert derogatory female insult here) who isn't worth anyone's time.

    As for the race thing, first of all she's probably lying. It's statistically proven that women tend to overestimate a guy's penis size by at least an inch. I don't know if they're just bad at guessing size, but unless she's actually taken out a tape measurer and measured it herself, don't beleive her. Especically if there were hard feelings on the break up then she's probably just exaggerating anyways to make you feel bad. Also while an 11.5" penis is possible, it is EXTREMELY rare, like .0001% of the male population on earth might be packing one.

    And as for black guys being bigger. There is SOME statistical evidencce to suggest that black men are SLIGHTLY bigger than white. The average white man is around 6", while the average black man is a little under 6 1/2".