How do you tell a guy has an erection even when he's hiding it?

question says it all... but more insight:

when were making out and I can basically feel his crotch which seems really... warm

what I mean by feel is that our bodies are just pressed up against each other. I'm not reaching down there.


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  • Warm = blood. Blood = erection.

    But yeah, when I was first dating my girlfriend (second base max) it of course gave me erection while we were making out. I knew that she would freak, though, so my brain kinda didn't allow full-on erections. Perhaps this is where you and this guy are at.


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  • lol efficiently hiding an embarrassing erection is a skill all (young) men have to acquire

    • Its really funny to my boyfriend try to hide his boner is public.

  • lol well I don't know but I always get one when I make out ,so does any guy I know , so I just know its happening you don't need signs , it always does , unless he's over 45 or something

  • yeh you should be able to feel the hardness of it , obviously lol... and yeh it really isn't that easy to hide one, even the unexpected ones

  • If you feel his crotch just a little more, you should be able to feel his erection. That is not something all that easy to hide.

  • look at there eyes if it looks like something is on there mind or if they are moving there hips to try and make it less noticeable. you can always reach out and brush your hand along there crotch but that's only if you two are close or on a dance floor.

  • re: your update: you'd still notice, if he was a big guy.

  • If you are feeling his crotch and you aren't sure...he's pretty small, or he doesn't have one.

    Anyway, some dead giveaways are: a reluctance to stand up, or putting something on his lap.

    When I was in HS, the girls on the bus used to make a game out of trying to give me an erection. And I had books to put in my lap to cover it with, and they could still tell. It was terribly embarrassing, until I overheard them whispering and I realized they were doing it on purpose.


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  • When he doesn't move or anything. If they hide it then they are really good at going that.