What does it mean to "Make it Rain"?

What does it means when a guy asks a girl if she knows how to "make it rain"? I think it has to do with something she does when she's on top, but I'm not too sure. Please let me know! :) Thank you.


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  • Means a black guy is gonna make you squirt. It's slang baby

    • He was black so I bet that's what it meant. Thank you :)

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  • i think it means you squirting

  • make it rain, it means to throw dollars in the air, I prefer to make it hail, there you throw change at people.

    vote up if you get the "make it hail" reference

  • Think he meant he wanted you to make him cum...see last def...(:


    • That is probably what it meant. Thank you :) Was just wondering.

  • aka throw money at strippers. That is what make it rain means...

    His make it rain was used out of context and is incorrect...

    for example

    I made it rain in king of diamonds last night.

  • Make it rain generally reffers to wastes money by throwing it in the air.


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  • What Dre said. Also, there is an urbandictionary.com for these things. Check. It. Out.

    Most of the passages are about money, the 4th one down says this "4. Make it rain: The ability to sexually arouse a female so intensely she begins to exude an unusually copious amount of p**** juice."... Maybe you she ask HIM if he knows how to make it rain..

  • When I think of the phrase "Make it rain"...I always combine it with "On that ho'."

    Ok there are 3 different definitions for "Making it rain."

    1.) To Piss.

    2.) To Ejaculate or Cum or Squirt...etc

    3.) To throw dollar bills on a stripper/jiggalo. Or throwing dollar bills in the air.

    The real definition is to demand for cloud perspiration.

  • link

    Throw money into the air to show usually to show off how much money they've got

  • Well if he meant it in a sexual way he probly wanted to know if you knew how to make him cum..