Male virgin with experienced woman.

What would a woman think of if the guy she was with was a virgin. I've read questions of women asking for how guys feel when they're with virgins, but how do the ladies feel? I know experience counts for something and most guys can't please a woman as well as she'd like. What would you do if you were with a guy who didn't have any experience? Would you teach him if you could? Would you just be nice and hope he improves not wanting to hurt his feelings? Something else entirely?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends on the relationship. If I was just looking for a good time I would probably run in the other direction, because I wouldn't be up for expending energy coaching/teaching on someone I wasn't serious about. If it was a guy I was sincerely interested in, I'd be looking at sex more form a long term perspective, and be up for understanding each other better and improving together (because there is always room for improvement and adjustments to be made for a new partner even for those of us with experience). One really important difference between male/female virgins is that if a girl comes quickly during intercourse, he will still come later in the same session, but it isn't the case the other way around, so I just think its really important that if you come first (the first time(s)) you don't leave her unsatisfied (and possibly slightly resentful) but finish her off with your hands or mouth afterwards.

    If you are shy about this, take advantage of your innocence and get her to guide your hands with hers. (start gently! It hurts when guys get rough too fast! )

    Though it seems like a lot work in the short run, I think that there might definitely be a big plus to being with a guy who has learned from scratch on my body.

    As for teaching methods. I would try to guide and give a lot of positive feedback where I thought it was due, and try not to criticize to much. I think it would be an amazing opportunity to be really really honest about what I like and want, also a good opportunity to get more comfortable with anything I really wanted to work on. I think communication and feedback, be it noises, words or expressions is key. Good luck and if you have anything else you are curious about, let me know. I'm with a guy who isn't a virgin, but less experienced than myself right now, so I don't mind talking about this.