Male virgin with experienced woman.

What would a woman think of if the guy she was with was a virgin. I've read questions of women asking for how guys feel when they're with virgins, but how do the ladies feel? I know experience counts for something and most guys can't please a woman as well as she'd like. What would you do if you were with a guy who didn't have any experience? Would you teach him if you could? Would you just be nice and hope he improves not wanting to hurt his feelings? Something else entirely?


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  • It depends on the relationship. If I was just looking for a good time I would probably run in the other direction, because I wouldn't be up for expending energy coaching/teaching on someone I wasn't serious about. If it was a guy I was sincerely interested in, I'd be looking at sex more form a long term perspective, and be up for understanding each other better and improving together (because there is always room for improvement and adjustments to be made for a new partner even for those of us with experience). One really important difference between male/female virgins is that if a girl comes quickly during intercourse, he will still come later in the same session, but it isn't the case the other way around, so I just think its really important that if you come first (the first time(s)) you don't leave her unsatisfied (and possibly slightly resentful) but finish her off with your hands or mouth afterwards.

    If you are shy about this, take advantage of your innocence and get her to guide your hands with hers. (start gently! It hurts when guys get rough too fast! )

    Though it seems like a lot work in the short run, I think that there might definitely be a big plus to being with a guy who has learned from scratch on my body.

    As for teaching methods. I would try to guide and give a lot of positive feedback where I thought it was due, and try not to criticize to much. I think it would be an amazing opportunity to be really really honest about what I like and want, also a good opportunity to get more comfortable with anything I really wanted to work on. I think communication and feedback, be it noises, words or expressions is key. Good luck and if you have anything else you are curious about, let me know. I'm with a guy who isn't a virgin, but less experienced than myself right now, so I don't mind talking about this.


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  • My friend took over 2 guys virginity - she felt like she wasn't getting pleased probably because they're still virgins, they wanna how it feels and what's it like - I mean the sex to her was total boredom as shed describes because he didn't know what to do and how to do it. Now she only sticks to guys who are all experienced - if she goes out on a date and finds out he's a virgin, she dumps him - yes it's cruel but she can't stand the thought of knowing he's gonna be just like the rest

    • Why are you posting a response with second-hand information? If you have an opinion, please tell him what YOU think, not what some random friend whom we don't know thinks. Send the question to her and have her join and respond if needed.

    • Ok but that's what she thinks - I wouldn't have mentioned her if she didn't think that, what I think is I never took a guys virginity matter of fact I'm still a virgin so whatever-this is what my friend told me and plus she doesn't really wanna join this site!

    • Thank you. I don't mean to criticize you, but it's you we want to hear from not her. That helps a lot in understanding because as the answerer you can get to the heart of the issue and explain why you feel the way you do.(:

  • I would teach him(I haven't done anything yet)...and with sex there's always room for improvement. Sure I've given my bf a blow job, but you have to ask questions to make it better

  • Well, I think he would first have to confide in the woman he wants to sleep with (if she is not casual, which I doubt). Then make himself smart about about a woman's parts. Most woman would understand and if she is any good be honored. Then just go forward and love the woman she will help you I am sure. Please understand that the first few times are not as good as it is going to be. It's like everything else in life, you have to learn how to understand yourself and the woman plus start to feel comfortable and relaxed. Don't worry everyone understands the first time we have all been there. Nothing love cannot conquer no matter how old... If you want to please your woman you have to gently ask her to show or communicate to you what she likes. Communication is key woman like that! here is a helpful tip, please yourself an hour or so before, so you will not come to fast the first time... Go for it you will feel much better... Best of luck to you...

  • Hi, I would be very patient and kind! After all we all were virgins once. I think everyone can learn how to be a good lover with the right partner. Every person is an individual and if you love someone you want to know how to please that particular person, right? So experience is good to some degree, but everyone is capable of getting experience. Just be open and willing to learn. Read books watch some helpful movies and talk and communicate. That is all anyone can ever do. Show your feelings and communicate and give it the best you can.

    I actually like someone that I think is still a virgin and I would like to make it easy for him to come around. What is a woman to do? Any suggestions out there? Do I have to make the first move? I have never done that before. If so what would be the right way to approach it? So male virgins please tell me how you would like this dealt with in a tasteful way?

    • You would have to make the first move I'm a virgin and missed several chances because I did not know what to say Or to do ps can you teach me how to prolong my self cumming I want to know before I do it

  • I would count myself very lucky to be with him. I would make sure he realized that communication was key to making the experience fun. I would emphasize the word fun here. Both partners would have to be able to laugh and play. I would not mind showing him the ropes. I wold teach him to prolong his orgasm in order to help his partner reach hers. I would teach him to use lots of foreplay to enhance her pleasure. I would teach him oral sex, so he would know how to pleasure a woman.

  • I have taken several guys virginity. I view it as an honor to be given the chance to lay the foundation for their sex lives. My rules are simple:
    1. It's not a one night stand, in fact I've always insisted on a weekend, yes a whole weekend.
    2. We eat relax and talk about everything openly.
    3. I'm willing to give you the chance to try anything you want within a few limits. No I won't let you hurt me.
    4. You can backout, but you're still staying, my guess is your nerves got you.
    5. I will help you with flirting, foreplay & romance tips.
    6. I won't put you down at anytime, but I might guide you on how to improve, in a gentle caring way.
    My hope is to give you a good experience that will increase your selfconfidence and give you some tools to enjoy sex in the future.

  • Just in case he is reading this... I think honesty is the best policy. Things that happen when someone is not experienced can leave the woman feel undesired, resentful, confused, upset, etc. But when you are honest, and you met the right woman, shw would be more than honored to take the time to make you comfortable. I think sex is different for women. I remember when I lost my virginity, it was like a duck to water. I grew up very strict but I had no inhibitions and was very open and expressive and comfortable. But I have spoken to a lot of guys. The societal pressure to perform gets them stuck in their head. When I started having sex, guys were shocked that I was pretty new compared to them. I think women are justs more sexual. It takes guys, I am learning, a lot longer. It is definitely very fustrating compared to an experienced guy but if you understand that it is because he is nervous, then it is humbling that he chose you to guide him. And I feel it can be a very fun and significant experience. But it definitely seems a lot more difficuly for guys. I am wondering if women are just more hard wired for sensuality/sexuality. I've been asking my male and female friends about their first times. It seems for the men, it was more stressful and nerve wracking. This, again, is the societal pressure of performing at the ultimate rate.


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  • I do think that experience is very important, and it can be a little intimidating having sex with a more experienced female... The way you have to look at it is you have to start somewhere... My first time was with a much more experienced girl and you have to take what you can from each experience and master your craft... Take what you can from this one... Be really attentive and listen and watch for every noise and movement... You will do alright an dif you don't you will be more prepared for the next one and the next and the next etc...