Is there actually a type of drink that makes you horny?

I was drinking with my friends the other night, and we got polar ice, and my guy friend said something like, oh yeah polar ice is a panty dropper. I've heard the same thing about gin, is this true ? lol


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  • They probably weren't saying it was an aphrodisiac so much as they were likely saying that it gets you drunk quicker. You tend to be less inhibited, and more open to sexual advances when drunk.

    There are some drinks though that do have an effect on the sex drive, and alcohol can do that for some people. Everyone reacts to it differently really.


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  • actually green tea, makes some people get "in the mood" try it, if you want to get in the mood


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  • I've never become turned on by a drink before but when I used to drink I would lose my sex drive completely when I had rum. Still, rum was a really good drink.

  • all alcohol is for me anyway.

  • wine,champaign