What will happen if I take a shower with him?

Have you ever taken a shower with someone? If so what happened? My boyfriend wants to take a shower with me but I'm a virgin and I'm not ready for sex. If I get in with him will he think I want to have sex or can I just tell him no and still take a shower with him? Or would it be better just not to take one with him?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You can definitely take a shower that'll be fun with your boyfriend and not have sex. Just tell him kinda like a joke before you step in like, "I hope you know there'll be no having sex in there! haha!" If that doesn't get the point across, then plan on being in big trouble before too long as far as remaining a virgin much longer. It's also now a bad idea to just avoid the temptation all together because it might lead to losing it after you get out sooner than you had planned. Always avoid situations that put you in a weaker position on something you want to remain strong on.