Why do guys like to hear girls moan when having sex?

The question says it all...I normally don't ask these kinds of questions, but I'm interested to see what guys will say :P

So if a guy is more dominant, does that mean he likes hearing a girl moan more than a guy who likes to be in a submissive position?

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  • It is an audible and almost tangible reaction to what is going on. If we hear the girl moaning we know (or at least think) she is enjoying what we are doing, and we feel good knowing that we are pleasuring our partner.

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  • Its a symbol to know how much good work going on inside, how much her p**** loving it and how much she enjoying a f***.

  • because it turns me it makes me harder and even more harder ==>

  • If you moan, that means you're enjoying it, and we're doing a good job. It's a turn on, that's all.

  • It's hot when a guy can make her moan & whimper...lol...kind of like job security? ...(:

    • (:

    • Haha job security is a great way to put that :)

  • The vast majority of girls moan during sex. We love it because it is normal. There is nothing special.

  • Well that's hard to say... Depending on the guy I'd have to day he likes hearing them moan whether he's more of an "on-top" guy or "under"... And usually the girl moans either way.

  • In response to the update:I do not think so. I am not all that dominant in bed (don't get me wrong when the time is right I can be, it's just not my default setting if you will), but I definitely enjoy knowing that my partner is being pleasured. If there is no indication to me that my partner is enjoying the sex I struggle to enjoy the sex (at those times I typically take over and make sure she orgasms a few times before continue having sex; that almost always helps).

    • This is very true indeed. :)

    • I may have phrased my response to indicate a small amount of pride... When used properly, words can get a plethora messages across.

    • From you saying that, I can tell you are pretty confident about it all, regardless of what modesty requires of you lol. :P

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  • Let's us know we are doing an awesome job!

  • They like to know that what they're doing and how they're doing it is effective. We like to think of ourselves as the best at whatever we're doing, and those sounds help us believe it.

  • It because it a sing of passing that let the person that you are with that you are in to what they are doing in the bed room both men and woman do it so don,t think guys are the only ones what to moan in the bed room :)

  • thats instant appreciation... and we love it...

    • well said lol

  • It's probably biological. To be as simple about it, it makes us become more sexually aroused for whatever reason. Guys might try to rationalize it in different ways, but it's really just our biology that makes us that way.

  • we like to hear you moan about the big ass sandwhiches that you promise to make us when we're done fecking you in the ass.

  • So we know we're doing something right! But it's more than that. I don't really know, I can't explain it. It's just one of those things that we really love. It's really sexy.

    • In respone to the update: Yes, I think dominate men like to hear moaning more so than less dominate men. Hearing her moan is also sort of a power thing. It makes us feel like we have the power to overpower you with a sensation, so much so, that you moan in pleasure.

  • we get more excited from her pleasure :D

  • i don't even understand why its so interesting, it turns me on so much just hearing her voice.

  • We don't take it for granted she's into it and having a good time, so its nice to get the confirmation. It excites us to know she's excited.In my case, I generally prefer to be the more dominant/initiating one IN bed. So what do I want from her if I'm 'doing most of the work'? I want her to be demonstrably excited and into it.

    • Its better then her clawing my back and biting me which she's done too. I mean its sort of cool at the time and then after its like ... I'm bleeding dammit.

    • That's why I do it most of the time, because I feel like I'm not doing enough lol.

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  • It gives the guy the audible message that he must be doing a good job and the girl is enjoying what she is getting from him.

    • adjactly