Would you date a girl with her tubes tied?

im getting my tubes tied in a few weeks and I'm really nervous. I've never had kids nor do I want them so its for preventative measures. for those who have had tubals or know those who do what can I expect. what is the healing time?

i have no clue why I asked about healing times haha. scratch that so yea would you date a girl if she told you she had her tubes tied BEFORE she met you


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  • You set up conflicts in my mind...I don't really approve...on the other hand you are a friend plus I am a truthful person...I would have dated...and probably married a "fixed" female when I was your age. By the time I got married (age 38) I was interested in children but my wife had had her tubes tied during her first marriage..and she had had them chopped and burnt..so was a question as to whether they were even long enough if they were indeed reattachable../:/:/:

    So we ended up doing in vitro which cost about $10,000 and...idk...maybe a dozen 200-mile roundtrips and 4 overnights..I gave her lots of shots with a pigsticker (1 1/2" needle) in the rear of progesterone. The result was an autistic boy...now back to your question...yes, I dated her with tied tubes...but...before I married her I made her promise that she would try for children if I wanted them...she agreed...5 years later life was pretty good but work was stressful and I kind of let it slide...but one day out of the clear, wild, blue yonder..she says "I want a cat, I want a new house, I want a baby" ..I was totally flabbergasted and stared at her for a minute and then I said "OK you can have all of those things..but NOT ALL AT ONCE! What do you want first?" Well we still live in the same house, have had a cat & a ferret (sort of) and we have Andrew who you met on Skype...eh...Sabby honey...no matter what you think you are certain of today...will not be the same in 15 years...believe me or believe me not...<3<3<3=D

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      taster you know I love you and respect your opinion but after today definitely I KNOW I do not want kids. a lot of women don't change their minds and some do. there are a lot of other things that can go on but id rather not have a child