Would you date a girl with her tubes tied?

im getting my tubes tied in a few weeks and I'm really nervous. I've never had kids nor do I want them so its for preventative measures. for those who have had tubals or know those who do what can I expect. what is the healing time?

i have no clue why I asked about healing times haha. scratch that so yea would you date a girl if she told you she had her tubes tied BEFORE she met you


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  • You set up conflicts in my mind...I don't really approve...on the other hand you are a friend plus I am a truthful person...I would have dated...and probably married a "fixed" female when I was your age. By the time I got married (age 38) I was interested in children but my wife had had her tubes tied during her first marriage..and she had had them chopped and burnt..so was a question as to whether they were even long enough if they were indeed reattachable../:/:/:

    So we ended up doing in vitro which cost about $10,000 and...idk...maybe a dozen 200-mile roundtrips and 4 overnights..I gave her lots of shots with a pigsticker (1 1/2" needle) in the rear of progesterone. The result was an autistic boy...now back to your question...yes, I dated her with tied tubes...but...before I married her I made her promise that she would try for children if I wanted them...she agreed...5 years later life was pretty good but work was stressful and I kind of let it slide...but one day out of the clear, wild, blue yonder..she says "I want a cat, I want a new house, I want a baby" ..I was totally flabbergasted and stared at her for a minute and then I said "OK you can have all of those things..but NOT ALL AT ONCE! What do you want first?" Well we still live in the same house, have had a cat & a ferret (sort of) and we have Andrew who you met on Skype...eh...Sabby honey...no matter what you think you are certain of today...will not be the same in 15 years...believe me or believe me not...<3<3<3=D

    • taster you know I love you and respect your opinion but after today definitely I KNOW I do not want kids. a lot of women don't change their minds and some do. there are a lot of other things that can go on but id rather not have a child

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  • It means you have made up your mind and are absolutely sure of not having your own children. I'd would respect your decision and would date/bang you. But not at your age. I think you should reconsider.

    • look. not every woman wants or needs kids. its not a must for me nor am I the motherly type. some women might regret but I will not. I would rather be in a relationship and if anything goes south I'm single and free. no strings attached

  • No, I would't be dating a girl with her tubes tied. I would be using her a lot as a Fuk body, but nothing more. I think you will regret that very much in couple years not even a decade. No fence but you fuking your self up deliberately

    • because I don't want kids I'm f***ing myself up?

    • You taking away MUCH more than kids away, you taking away something much greater and dangerous from your self as a girl. If you already know what I'm talking about, in that case I'w got nothing to say, but only enjoy. If no, well in that case good luck!

    • actually I have no idea what you mean. if you can explain. just because I am a girl doesn't mean I want or need kids. not every girl wants that that's all I'm saying.

  • At this point in my life, that could very well be a deal breaker unless we're absolutely perfect for each other in every way. Especially if it's just for prevention. I could look past it more easily if it was related to some health condition or something.

    In a few years, I might be more okay with it. It really depends on a lot of factors.

    • thanks for answering :)

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    • well this isn't something you tell someone on the first date. you tell them later on when things get serious or about to.

    • I'd feel betrayed if someone didn't share that info up front. Maybe not on the first date, but at least in the first week or so.

  • I do want kids someday so maybe not

  • Date? Sure, why not? But, for a long term relationship? For me, maybe when I'm older and have already had kids of my own.

    • thanks for answering :)

  • Absolutely. Tubes tied would be my preferance!

  • I know that it is painful and its better for a man to get his tied more than woman.It can cause problems later on. Hormones are a big part of it. be safe is all I say.

    • well no they have a 10 min procedure done in office without any cutting, surgery, etc. its called essure. its safer now than it was awhile back ago

  • yes I would date a girl with her tubes tied

  • hell NO.

  • No

    • im curious as to why not? thanks for answering

    • You're welcome, and I wouldn't because I'd like to have kids one day. I wouldn't see the long term potential in the relationship.

  • maybe you shouldn't do it. because one day you might change your mind, people do change their minds, maybe you will too. And you could always get an abortion.

    • id rather not get pregnant than become a murderer. people who abort should PREVENT first

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    • Legal murder is an oxymoron. It's legal killing, just like justified homicide. Murder (homicide) is the unlawful, criminal act, in legalese. Just saying. You don't want to be a killer or a murderer, but abortion is not murder.leave you moral opinions out of the strictly defined law.

    • abortion is murder its just that its legally available for woman to get and you don't get prosecuted. those little balls of cells turned into YOU did it not? I'm sure you don't want to be killed. its just facts no moral opinion

  • I would give anything to date a girl with her tubes tied. I'm tired of worrying about getting a woman pregnant, I can't even enjoy sex because of it. So yes, I would date a woman with her tubes tied, and I'd enjoy dating her too.

    • yay! :) good. well good luck with that

    • we should hook up.

    • :P

  • I don't even know why you'd want to get your tubes tied if you might regret it one day..

    I suppose that tells you my answer: I suppose it might be a turn off for me, seeing as any girl I date, I date with the intention of POTENTIALLY marrying her one day. I don't go into relationships just "to have fun" and add her to my list of exes. Granted right now I don't know if I ever want kids, perhaps in the future I'd feel differently.

    If you're into casual sex then I'm sure no one will care, if you want to get into something serious.. It might become an issue.

    • look not every woman wants kids. my aunt never wanted kids and is 56 and childless. never changed her mind. everyone is different in that regard.

    • I understand and respect that, but I'm all about keeping your options open. It just seems really.. definitive.

    • wel I do want something permanent

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  • I'm just surprised that you found a dr who will even do it o_o. Where I live a dr will not do that until your at least 35 just because so many women do change their minds. I knew a girl who never wanted to be a mother ever... she has 2 and now she could never imagine her life without them. I know it isn't the answer you want but this is coming from someone you generally cares for people and would hate for you to do this and then regret it in 5-10 yrs. What happens if that someone special does come along and you suddenly want a child? Unless you can see the future I would yet a couple more years.

    • here in my state its 21 years old. it actually depends on the doctor. my aunt is 56 never wanted kids and doesn't have them. it does depend on the woman. I guess no one can know what I feel or what I mean unless you're me but I'm 100% positive I don't want them

  • Can't you get them "untied" later if you change your mind about kids?

    • well the point of getting them tied is to not get them untied lol. if I wanted something less permanent id stay on birth control. and yes you can get them untied but its not guaranteed plus its costly

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    • That's true. There are a lot of other and less pernament options (but only less pernament in the way that they are easier to reverse). Like you could get that implant that lasts for three years or whatever and if you still don't want kids in 3 years you could just get it again.

    • i was on the mirena twice which it lasts 5 years. I have too bad of side effects to meds to go back on anything. thanks for the advice tho :) have a good nite

  • I had my tubes tied at 23, but I have 2 children, ever since my boyfriend and I broke up, I have found dating to be difficult, if a guy says oh I want kids of my own someday, I have to walk away. I'm sure you can find a guy who doesn't want kids as well.

    • wow so did the procedure fail? I'm sorry to hear that :( good luck tho in the future

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    • oh OK. well there are many men out there who don't want kids. I'm sure you will find a guy

    • That just doesn't work here. I have 2, they have to like children, but not want any of their own, a little more difficult.

  • I'd say hold off until you're a bit older.

    I used to feel the same way, I was sure I NEVER wanted children, I hated them and couldn't imagine myself with one of my own in any circumstance.

    But now, I want at least 4 children.

    People change, A LOT, and that's pretty permanent, so be careful.

    • lol not waiting. trust me I KNOW I do not want them. good luck with you tho

  • I think that's a hasty decision to make when you're so young. a lot of girls regret it later on, and they too thought that they would never want children.

    • well I know for a fact this is what I want. my mother, doctor and his nurses all asked me this. I know I do not want kids with any man I'm with now or in the future. id rather be single lol