What does 'You're thick' mean?

If girls tell you, on a regular basis that, 'wow, you're thick' (I promise, I'm NOT trying to brag or get any kudos here), does that mean that I'm not big? I mean to consistantly have 'thick' noted, as opposed to big, can I assume that girls for the most part think my length is average, but the girth is big? Or are they saying, you're big, and on top of that you're thick.


Most Helpful Girl

  • ...it means you are THICK, you have a wide one, it fills me up, etc...the length is not all that it is cracked up to be, as men may think it is...so she probably isn't commenting on that part, or paying it much attention, one way or another. Length doesn't do all that much because let's face it, if a baby can grow to full term in the depths of our womb, what is even a 13 inch going to do? (my son was 21 inches long when born) Width is what we feel where it counts. (it's a compliment she's giving you...so be proud, and don't get a big head about it...no pun intended)