What hurts more, hit in the balls, or giving birth?

Force of hit to balls is equivalent to a major league baseball pitcher throwing a 100 MPH fastball straight through and direct impact.

Giving birth is just a standard baby that weighs 8 pounds, and the woman is in a hospital, so pain numbing drugs.


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  • Oh jesus, here come the women.

    Listen, the two pains are incomparible due to both the restraints of current technology and the variable pain thresholds of different people (not just different genders).

    Lets just agree that they both hurt like a bitch.


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  • Well I am sure that getting hit in the balls is an EXTREMELY painful experience, and I know that depending on the severity, some men face serious injuries. But childbirth actually involves ripping of the skin (most women need stitches afterwards) and other bodily changes. Most women's hip bones widen, some have back injuries, etc. I think it depends on the circumstances of the birth. Either way, both hurt!

  • I'd say giving birth. It lasts longer.

  • I heard that contractions are like a strong period pain, but 100 times worse (I have been on the floor from a period pain). This is ignoring the pain of a baby being forced through your hips and 'opening' lol.

    My step mum said that giving birth is nothing and people overreact, but I've heard from others that the pain made them wish they were dead. I guess it depends on the person.

    Also, I know that the gas doesn't completely help. My mum kept asking for more gas, but they couldn't give any more. Plus they're in labour for hours.

  • I gave birth twice and I can tell you it hurts a lot. I still remember the pain and as far as drugs for pain I still had to suffer for about 14 hrs before they allowed me to have an epidural. With my second it was very quick but very painful and kinda scary because it hurt so much. I now also suffer lower back pain because my hip never went back into place. I have had suffered a bulge disc and even with tyanol 3's and another pain killer I was crippled with pain. I don't doubt getting hit in the balls hurts but I can also assume it doesn't last very long.

    • getting hit in the balls does hurt A LOT, but I see your point.

  • Birth can take 48+ hours and it's not just stretching and tearing the vagina. There's a sh*t ton of pushing and bleeding involved. The pain killers knock out the whole lower half of the body because the cartilage between our hip bones gets stretched. If you have a c section they have to cut through your abdominal muscles. So I'd say that's a lot more painful mentally and physically than a quick shot to the balls that lasts what ten minutes at most.

  • Of course you will put it up like that as if it's more painful to get hit in the balls, because you're a guy and looking lightly at giving birth because you can't imagine the pain a woman goes through during the whole process. I'm not saying it aren't painful to get hit in the balls, because it is without a doubt.

    Look at it this way: most women will say child birth is more painful, and most men will say getting hit in the balls are more painful, mostly because they've tried it themselves and most likely thinking "Nothing can be more painful than this".

    • This question is just to get people to think. There is no way to tell for sure, but my guess hit in the balls is more intense but not as long, and child birth is very lengthy and not quite as intense. This is open to speculation of course.

    • I see... yes, well, I can give my contribute in this discussion when I someday (hopefully) gives birth :)

  • they may hurt equally I'm not sure but I know that labor can last a very long time so I would say labor based on the amount of time women are in pain for

  • Ask a hermaphrodite

  • Giving birth. It can last a complete day. So basically you're in agony for long, long hours.

  • Birth...lasts way longer!

  • Even today, in first world countries, women die from giving birth due to some of the most random complications like dvt; many of which aren't even detectable prior to complications. even with drugs, in hospitals, with the best medical care. Getting hit the balls probably hurts like a bitch, but it cannot be compared to pregnancy.

  • Oh, goodness. Now all the men on here are going to have (yet another) pity party.

    I'll let you know which one hurts worse once I have a baby and then get kicked in the nuts...

    oh, that's right... that's not possible. I suppose we'll never know.

    • I don't understand why you think this? I am fully willing to state child birth is a much more excruciating pain; it is long and slow, whereas getting hit in the balls is typically a quick and manageable pain.

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    • even if he did claim men had it worse, I'm really just making fun of his first statement lol. He's well known to say really really dumb things like that lol.

    • All right, I suppose I don't know anyone on this site well enough to generalize their responses; I just have to take it on a case to case bases.

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  • How could anyone know?

    I suspect childbirth is much more painful, but its worth noting that their brain anticipates it and floods chemicals to screw up memory, etc.

    • Umm I gave birth twice and I still remeber the pain.

    • Not as clearly as you would have. So what your saying is it must be reeeealy bad?!

  • These things are not really comparable; giving birth is a much more excruciating pain.

    When a man gets hit in the balls there will be an instant throbbing pain, we will boucle over, possible loose our breath or be unable to walk for a while; in very severe instances a testicle may be pushed out of the scrotum and surgery will be required to move it back, but this is rare.

    When a woman gives birth a large portion of her genitals are actually TORN APART. It is not a single instance where pain is felt; it is a slow process and it takes a long time to heal.

    • double over, not boucle over... Darn autocorrect...

    • and possibly loose our breath not possible... I should have reread this before posting...

  • I don't know. I've never given birth to a chidl.. lol I know how much it hurts getting kicked in the nuts, but I'm sure child birth hurts as much. Thing is with birth, the pain usually lasts several hours without pain killers so..

  • Hit in the balls is worse...but labor lasts for hours & hours whereas balls lasts about 10 minutes...(:

  • Its a tie

    https:/ /m. YouTube. com/watch? v=FJeuK1Pl2bQ
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  • Balls. Women are just whiny by nature.