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Was I being rude? (visible erection)

I was staying in a 10 bed mixed dorm at a hostel and set the alarm clock just early enough to get up and check out in time to get my £10 deposit... Show More

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  • That is one determined erection! Hard to imagine that very shortly after waking and getting your thoughts together that the early morning piss hard on didn't just go away.

    If it was true sure the girls would have just laughed at it.

    • Sometimes when we haven't ejaculated in 5 days, it is not always just a normal piss hard on, we can wake up and be very horny.

    • Horny is a mind set so unless you wake up thinking about gettiny laid instead of getting up, dressed and out to get that deposit back that seems to be tops on your mind, Mr Stiffy should still have gone away

What Girls Said 4

  • No you weren't being rude. If I were you I'd do the same thing. They probably didn't care.

  • nah it would have been taken as funny or kinda turn on.

  • Ahahaha. Not it wasn't rude. Honestly. It happens. It was probably considered as funny & a turn on - that kind of stuff.

What Guys Said 5

  • well, at least you don't sleep naked.

  • My experience with hostels is that you can always turn away from things you don't want to see. But being loud and obnoxious is the ultimate hostel sin. I doubt anyone even noticed, let alone cared.

  • Mixed dorm and morning wood is a calculated risk...they'll get over it...(:

  • You were not being rude. Morning wood is a fact of life. Girls know what they are letting themselves in for if they go to a mixed dorm room.

  • I ejaculate daily and I still get morning wood. it's natural and happens to most every guy and hopefully they understand.

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