The 'cherry' on a girl.

ok I feel like a total div asking this.. but where exactly is the cherry on a girl-- because people say 'pop the cherry' and I know what there... Show More

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  • The hymen, or "cherry" is typically right at or just inside the opening of the vagina. Its exact location and shape can vary, but it is a thin membrane of tissue that partially or sometimes almost fully covers the entrance to the vagina. It often thins and deteriorates with age, but can also be ruptured or torn with tampon use, rough physical activities causing trauma to the groin (e.g., horseback riding), or from sexual intercourse. During first sexual intercourse it may or may not still be intact, but even if it is, the hymen on some women/girls is more elastic and will stretch rather than rupture and bleed. Tearing of the hymen during first intercourse and the subsequent bleeding is "popping the cherry."