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Ladies, how does sucking labia morina feels ?

Well they seem to be quite up there to be sucked...can one can achieve the orgasm

Mods can you change it to labia minora

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  • I love you for this!I'll let you know when I find out! Virgin p*ssy here! Never been licked or sucked :(

    • Well don't worry, there is always a hungry mouth waiting around the corner for you ma'am

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    • ohh thanks for the new info kindakewl77

    • No prob, feel it's only nice to share my knowledge!And QA, foreplay is just fun, plus it gets her off quicker; imagine being forced to wait for what you REALLY want. It just builds up the enjoyment for the finally!

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  • Not going to orgasm from it, but sure love to have them pulled, sucked and licked.

  • Menorah? (Jk)Idk. 3 guys been there and never sucked on the lips. Or kissed them. They just open them and go for the clit and they feel neglected and by golly/gee wilakers I'm telling the next guy they need some loving too!

    • LOL "golly gee wilakers"

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