Is seeing a huge bulge in pants equivalent to having a huge penis?

First of all, I'm not saying that I prefer big d***s. I'm just curious about that thing. Sometimes I see guys with a huge bulge when they sit down while others don't have that.

What I see is equivalent to what is really inside there?

Most Helpful Guy

  • No it's not, sometimes my penis is just bigger for w/e reason, so it might cause a bigger bulge for a while. When I'm working out or playing any sport it shrinks big time (prob to protect itself lol) but then if I get a boner later on it might stay semi-hard or a bit less than that, sometimes the balls seem bigger and hang lower too so depending on the pants this can cause the bulge to be bigger as well.

    So the short answer is no, the bulge doesn't always mean he's big, it could just be the how the "package" is placed in his pants and shorts and how big his penis is at that moment (for w/e reason, it changes size throughout the day)

    • So you can get boners with no reason at all? I mean if there is no external stimuli i.e. a hot girl in your presence?

    • sure but that was more like when I was 13, what I meant was if I got a boner and then it sort of went away but my penis was still kind of big then you might see the bulge in my pants as being big and think I have a big d-ck, but the truth is I just had a boner and it's on it's way to getting smaller