Is seeing a huge bulge in pants equivalent to having a huge penis?

First of all, I'm not saying that I prefer big d***s. I'm just curious about that thing. Sometimes I see guys with a huge bulge when they sit down while others don't have that.

What I see is equivalent to what is really inside there?


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  • No it's not, sometimes my penis is just bigger for w/e reason, so it might cause a bigger bulge for a while. When I'm working out or playing any sport it shrinks big time (prob to protect itself lol) but then if I get a boner later on it might stay semi-hard or a bit less than that, sometimes the balls seem bigger and hang lower too so depending on the pants this can cause the bulge to be bigger as well.

    So the short answer is no, the bulge doesn't always mean he's big, it could just be the how the "package" is placed in his pants and shorts and how big his penis is at that moment (for w/e reason, it changes size throughout the day)

    • So you can get boners with no reason at all? I mean if there is no external stimuli i.e. a hot girl in your presence?

    • sure but that was more like when I was 13, what I meant was if I got a boner and then it sort of went away but my penis was still kind of big then you might see the bulge in my pants as being big and think I have a big d-ck, but the truth is I just had a boner and it's on it's way to getting smaller

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  • Not necessarily. A bulge can made by the position of the penis, the kind of underwear he has on, the kind of pants/shorts he has on. So, just because he has a big bulge does not equal a big penis.

  • Nope

  • Might be tight trousers or as you say, a bigger package.

  • They do get big when you get an erection, yes.

    • Why would a guy have an erection while sitting down casually?

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    • Guys can get boners for no reason at all.

    • If you are in hs or college, they pretty much can happen for no apparent reason. They really happen because they are very relaxed, just like boners when you sleep.

  • Not necessarily.. a guy can have a large flaccid penis and it doesn't grow much when erect and vice versa.. so don't assume much about that. Just trying to look out for you :)

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  • they're pants are tighter around that area so it seems larger or they're penises just press into their pants to show their bulge

  • well I been with my share of guys ,some men are huge some aren't ,but its been my exsprence when you see a big bluge either it is really large or as some guys I know they get excited when they see us , caint help but notice there winkys sticking out all huge asking for some attenion ,lets just hope its not a sock I knew a guy hedid that in high school lol

    • So, it's not equivalent? I can never tell?

  • you can't really tell with the pants unless he actually has an erection and he is wearing a certain kind of pants. with jeans you can't really tell. with suit pants it may be a bit more obvious but he would probably have to be sitting in a certain position with his legs spread to really tell.