Why do guys like it when girls don't wear underwear?

when girls don't wear underwear?

i don't get it... what's sexy about that?

i guess if I had a good explanation as to why I could perhaps do it... ha!


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  • Well one often sees a momentary flash of panties. It would be nicer to see a momentary flash vulva.


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  • It's one less obstacle to uncovering your vagina. Vaginae are sexy, so having it as close to its natural state - bare - is preferred.

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    • According to dictionaty.com, both vaginas and vaginae are correct.

    • As vaginae are located iside the female body I think the entire word was a mistake. I think vulva was what you meant.

  • i think the thing that is hot about it, is that it shows you are more risky. Its not the actually act of it that is a turn on, but what it makes me think of, and past, to what you might be like.

  • Because I can get a glimpse of her p**** when she crosses or uncrosses her legs.

  • I'm amazed you even need an explanation.


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  • I asked my best guy friend this once and he told me that he doesn't find it all that hot unless he's hanging out with the girl and she's in a skirt -- basically, easy access is what turns them on about it.

    ...I also heard one of my guy friends talking about how difficult bras can be and how he usually just tells the chick to take it off instead of fussing with it which I found hilarious. It's a bra, not a maximum security prison cell.

  • My guy likes it becuase there is less between him and my vagina.

    I don't care if guys think it's sexy or not, I do it because it is comfy. My ex talked me into trying it for a week to see what I thought and I have hated underpants ever since.