Guys, do you get turned on more from a woman getting dressed, or undressed

This is kind of an odd question because normally you would think it' would be getting undressed...but I happen to find it sexier when she's getting dressed than when she's undressing. There's just something so sensual about it.

Also, girls do you feel sexier getting dressed or undressing?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmm actually I think you're right when I'm putting my clothes on in front of my boyfriend I do feel more sensual because I can feel his eyes on me and its like a lust type feel instead of an animalistic ripping off of clothing and honestly when the clothes are commingle off I think if I saw it id think I kinda look strange because its usually fast and pants get stuck on a foot or something so I'm hopping about looking like a fool lol and if I'm getting dressed in front of him I usually go slower than normal so he gets long views and it's much more graceful. That was long lol sorry

    • I was looking for a long description.

    • well then you are welcome sir.

    • Thanks