My boyfriend wants to eat me out while I'm on my period?

My boyfriend said that for me it would feel better , that this days experience is heightened because you are moresensitive and horny. And he ask me many times if he can do it!

But honestly, it's blood it's disgusting, gross, I don't feel comfortable with it, We have sex while I'm on my period but oral sex it too much I think.

But keep asking me, that he really wants to do it. should I agree? is this normal that boys like it?

But that is pretty disgusting!


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  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


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  • I say let him do it but if it turns either of you two off you can go back to the way it was.

  • Would taste like some old rusty coins... not a very good thing to put one's mouth on if you ask me.

  • I would be in ..I would do it in a heart beat! If you are using a tampon its more fun. scented tampons are hot!

    • O.O..scented tampons? They must have really improved them since I was last around it...I used to bloody HATE the smell of tampax..o.O

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    • lol. I knew you would comment on this question larry

    • I am being totally honest

  • that's f***** nasty.

  • I do that all the time ..if she uses tampons..but you are talking about ingesting blood? is definitely done by some...I think only you can make that decision...if he is fixated on that then his desire to do it will not go away..(:

  • If you are lying down on your back he is going to be playing in an area higher than the area of concern so should be much of a problem.

  • Wear a tampon or instead softcup and wash the outside. Shouldn't be messy at that point.


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  • It probably would feel extra good because it would be more sensitive. I'd use a tampons and a wipe or warm wash cloth to wipe that area clean, may be do it at night after a bath when the flow of blood is lighter or stopped. I'd let my boyfriend do it if he asked.

  • well if he is just going to suck the clit, I would be OK with it but to go further I would be uncomfortable. I have never done anything sexual while on my period though, the guys over here ain't down with that. you should try it but if it makes you uncomfortable just tell him how you feel and what you are concern about in a nice way. he probably has a period fetish though and if that the case, he would want to do this all the time. its your decision, don't feel pressured to say yes, only you kno what your comfort level is.

    • LOL! Well that makes you wiser than a lot of females...It always surprises me when I hear females say "I would try it one time" and their sex don't usually work that way...(:

    • hehe, OK. :)

  • Have any of you ate period blood? so how do you know how it taste my boyfriend has asked this as well and I let him but I made sure I showered and wash my self good then put a clean tampon in he was only licking my clit never even touched any lower I say go for it I was hesitant at first

  • oh thats just nasty

  • he can just suck on your clit and not even go near the period blood. my boyfriend will do this on a really light day. that's the first time I EVER had an orgasm

    • Love it ..were you wearing a tampon? tug on the string gently as he does this

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    • ok will do. you're actually on my friends listlol

  • its pretty gross... wouldn't taste very nice.