What does it feel like to get hit in the balls?

im curious what it feels like to get hit in the balls, so guys, would you rather get hit there or break your arm from a pain comparison?


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  • lol, it's BAD but not THAT bad. The closest thing I could think of is getting punch extremely hard in the stomach.

    • However, I've never broken anything so I can't compaire the two. But I think breaking a bone as big as that would hurt more.

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  • It's not that bad - I mean, it's pretty painful at first, but the pain goes away quite quickly. If you watch boxing, the "low blow" is not uncommon, and the fight usually continues after just a minute or two. I've never broken my arm, but I've torn ligaments before, and that's a *lot* worse than being punched/kicked in the nuts.

  • Ur pulse rises, your legs give out, your stomach has this sinking feeling, almost gasping for air, and your balls just feel like someone took a brick and smashed the f*** out of your fingers but that pain on your balls.

  • nothing quite describes it. certainly not something a girl would understand. usually just stuns you and knocks the wind out of you. but if she knows what she is doing and gets you really good. jeez, for a couple minutes you just want to die or something. message if you want for a detail. not out here.

  • my response to your question is "WTF?" =D

    Neither hit nor brake my arm..damn...you freak =D

  • depends how hard you'd be hitting me in the balls vs. breaking my arm. when you get knocked in the nuts it's not so much it hurts the balls themselves and more the pain and burning that shoots all up in your stomach and sh*t. it freaking KILLS

  • I know this is a fairly old question, but I just wanted to share my experience of by far the worst physical pain I've ever experienced...

    I recently competed in a mixed gender kick-boxing competition where a strike to the balls was allowed and guys were not allowed to wear any protection (protective cups etc) at all. I was competing against a girl and was winning comfortably on points going into the very last round, but with like seconds to go, I lost concentration and ended up facing the girl with my legs wide apart, so she literally ran up and kicked me in the balls as hard as she possibly could to win!

    I immediately screamed out in shock, fell to the floor and was just rolling around screaming in absolute agony while the girl celebrated her win! A lot of the girls watching in the audience were laughing and cheering too! What made it worse was that my girlfriend was sat watching on the very front row and of course she was horrified!

    I would not wish that pain on anyone and my balls were very bruised and swollen for at least a week! It was excruciatingly agonising! :o(

    • oh no not you...

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    • Dude it was a while ago I honestly don't remember...

    • lol Ok, no worries... I just came across your question and thought I'd share my experience of when I competed against a girl and she kicked me in the balls to win...

      It was just a shame she had to do it so hard!... Especially right in front of my girlfriend and the watching audience too!... I guess I learnt the hard way not to take on a girl!...

  • The only way to describe it is intense pain, the most intense pain a human can feel. It hurts so bad a guy can pass out from the pain. I almost fainted once just imagining having one of my nuts squeezed really hard.


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