Girls, if your boyfriend didn't satisfy you in bed..?

Would you let him know or break up with him? My girlfriend broke up with me because I didn't satisfy her, she never tried to communicate with me about it.

If she told me, I wouldn't be hurt by it. I'm hurt because she wasn't being forward and directing me what to do in order to satisfy her. She lost her virginity to me, I guide her through when she gave me head, why couldn't she do the same


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow, that's very immature of her to do.

    I would communicate with him from the beginning, middle, and end. There's always room for improvement for both sides. Everything is a two way street, not one.

    I certainly don't think size is the problem in this case.

    Sex is about communicating with one another.

    She's probably not worth the pleasure.