Girls, if your boyfriend didn't satisfy you in bed..?

Would you let him know or break up with him? My girlfriend broke up with me because I didn't satisfy her, she never tried to communicate with me about it.

If she told me, I wouldn't be hurt by it. I'm hurt because she wasn't being forward and directing me what to do in order to satisfy her. She lost her virginity to me, I guide her through when she gave me head, why couldn't she do the same


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  • Wow, that's very immature of her to do.

    I would communicate with him from the beginning, middle, and end. There's always room for improvement for both sides. Everything is a two way street, not one.

    I certainly don't think size is the problem in this case.

    Sex is about communicating with one another.

    She's probably not worth the pleasure.

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  • I would certainly let him know and yes if it didn't improve to what I wanted he would be history.

  • Girls, if your boyfriend didn't satisfy you in bed would you let him know or break up with him?

    Break up

    "My girlfriend broke up with me because I didn't satisfy her, she never try to communicate with me about it."

    From my experiences most communicate about a relationship issue when they view the relationship worth having or the issue easily resolvable. Most likely she either didn't see the relationship worth the dissatisfaction or effort that it would take to fix it. Perhaps thinking it would be better and easier for her to get another relationship with a guy who has what she wants who does satisfy her.

    I see her breaking up with you is no different than a guy without communication dumping a gal because she's not having sex and he wants it, he considers her to be withholding sex, or his sexual level is higher than hers.

  • I would let him know first. If he wasn't able to make any changes, then I would have to break up with him if he still couldn't satisfy me.

  • I am 100% satisfied with my sex life but if I wasn't I would definitely tell my boyfriend and tell him what I want/like. I would never break up over my boyfriend because of sex anyway because although it is a big factor, there are other things that count more in a relationship. Girls should talk to their partners about this stuff :)

    • Amen to you miss.

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    • "Girls should talk to their partners about this stuff"

      BOTH partners in a relationship should communicate better (in most cases), and things would be better for everyone.

    • Yeah obviously both partners should communicate but in this case it seems like she is the one not communicating. The guy seems as though he would liked to have talked about it..

  • i would communicate first and it things didn't change than yes I would break up with the guy

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  • You should consider the possibility she said that when breaking up because she knew It would hurt you.

    • I'll underline again I said consider. It could be just that, it could be sex wasn't great and she didn't care, I could be she sidn know how to tell him, it could be she didn't care enough to work on it.

  • Wtf, what a bitch.

  • I love these ladies answers and yes size and orgasms matter

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  • You should know you need to satisfy her.

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