How many inches can the average girl take in her mouth?

I'm really nervous because I'm probably going to "do the deed" with my long-term boyfriend sometime soon, and one thing I'm particularly nervous about is giving a bj. This might be considered pathetic, but I experimented with a banana and found that I could take in around 5 inches of the banana. At that point, around an inch was literally in my throat, which felt strange. The thing is, he's big (around 7.5 inches) so I don't think I'll be able to take it all. Is that normal? How many inches can girls usually take?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Sounds like what you're doing is about average, and if you deep throat it a little more by pushing it all the way back for a second, on occasion that may drive him nuts. Still one thing that may make you feel better is that the most sensitive part is the end of his penis. So, you can probably still do an amazing job if you just focused on the end and gave it a lot of love. Especially with your tongue.

    Anyway you'll probably do fine. don't worry too much about taking it all in. quite a few of my Girlfriends couldn't but they did great. You probably will too. If you get nervous or something just ask him for a little instruction. Most people don't mind giving a little instruction to help someone along.

    Bottom line, though. You have nothing to worry about. Just try your best and ask for directions if you get lost.

    Good luck.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I believe 4-5 inches is the average.. I know for some girls when a guy is 7 inches or more, they do both their hands and mouth. - I don't use my hands for I suck at giving hands jobs. LOL

    It comes down to your gag reflexes. You're not going to be able to take it all in overnight. Keep sucking it till you're used to it and that your mouth is well adjusted. - Mix it up with cum, flavor lubes, saliva, pre cum.. Get it sloppy wet.

    Don't rush into it. Breathe through your nose, relax your throat. Tilt your head back slightly, have him lightly thrust his c-ock down your throat. The best position for is when you're on your knees and if you get better at it and have mastered it, try doing it upside down on the bed. Also, other positions as well.. Since he's 7.5 inches, I wouldn't recommend letting him face f***ing you though it is HOT..

    My ex boyfriend was 7 inches and I did gag now and then but I got it all into my mouth, make it very wet.. When he is about to cum, I would have him deepthroat me and come down my throat so he wouldn't have to pull out and the sensation for him will be amazing because the tightness. I got him to be semi hard so it was easier. Soon I was like "Look ma, no hands" LOL - I take time to warm up and I can begin to feel my throat relaxing. I feel like I have to keep a delicate balance between my breathing, my relaxed throat, and this relentless c-ock that is drilling my mouth..

    Your mind will play an important role in this too, you must think "I want to please my man." Something along those lines.

    Also, rhythm is important. I'm sure you trust him so he needs to be aware of what he's doing.

    Practice! Have fun! Oh by the way, don't use a banana.. It won't compare to how brick hard he will be.