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My boyfriend only lasts 3 seconds in bed?

We're both 20 and have been together for a few months. When we have sex he literally only lasts maybe 2 or 3 seconds. It's not that he's nervous and... Show More

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  • If it isn't a nervousness/stress or confidence thing, which can cause this, he needs to see a doctor. There are treatments for guys who simply can't control their urge to ejaculate, some of which involve decreasing the sensitivity of the penis with special creams.

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  • Damn you must be real sexy

  • 2 seconds?... In and out huh? hahaha =P

    • Lmao this answer was funny

    • =D

  • He needs to visit a doctor. And try not making him feel criticized or bad about it. It will defeat the purpose.

What Girls Said 1

  • It won't unless you make a bigger deal about it. I was my ex boyfriend's 7th partner and he told me he always had this problem so he used to just drink a lot before he had sex, never faced the problem head on. I had to talk to him about it quite a few times before he did something to fix it and by the end he was a ton better. I unfortunately kind of hurt his feelings in the process, because I was honest about the fact that I didn't desire having sex with him much because of it (and that he was doing nothing to fix it). I feel bad now about the way I handled it, but he thanks me now for saving his sex life.

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