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Legs in the air?

Why during sex, most commonly the missionary position, do guy's want a females legs extra wide or they tell her to hold them up? Does it make for a... Show More

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  • I like the look and the feel I get from having a girl's legs spread-eagle in front of me, especially before copulation, I love looking at a girl's p**** before I lick, lick and lick some more...of course before I f**k it real hard and deeeep...GeezeOut

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What Guys Said 4

  • because girl's legs are amazing and they add to the experience

  • Total eye candy. There really is nothing HOTTER than having a girls spread her legs out in the air during missionary. Super hot

  • my girlfriend tends to moan and get into it more when we use the missionary with her legs spread and lifted rather than just spread. Feels great too!

What Girls Said 2

  • I agree with misslynn.. the wider, the deeper. and that's better lol :o)

  • If their legs are up, the wetter they get... ofcourse guys like that.but opening them wide, makes it go in deep-that too also feels wonderful.So its a better sensation but also, they think its hott. ;)hope I helped.

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