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Why do guys call their penises junk?

I guess it's a nickname, but why? Junk is something you don't use, you don't need, and don't care if you lose it or throw it away.

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  • Seems like a rather unusual thing for a guy to call something he is so proud of

    • That's my point.

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  • Makes you realize what 'junk in the trunk' really means.

    • Not really. I thought that waa about a butt.

  • cuz I hate the stupid thing id rather have a vulva be there instead plus its not used or wanted by a girl so why do I need it .. it just gets in the way its just like junk you want to get rid of LOL

  • I personally think that the term "junk" refers to all of a guys gear. The penis, the sack, the balls, there's a lot going on down there. And it just sits there like a pile of junk, because it's usually just in the way. That's my take on it.

    • How is it in the way?

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    • It helps, but doesn't always last all day. lol

    • Powdered balls... teehee

  • Probably one of the more / most stupid terms coined in this century...Black Eyed Peas sang about "...all that junk in your trunk",even more moronic...somebody thought it was "contemporary Chic"...seemed to be popular with the black teens that I worked with in Los Angeles

    • Hmmm... seems like I hear white guys say it.

  • Sounds more like a phrase brought about by certain women, men haters etc. lol

    • You'd think... I find it offensive.

  • On-par with heroin?

    • What?

    • Heroin's called Junk.

What Girls Said 7

  • because their magic stick they share with the world must have so many names to determine its awesomeness such as , weenie , dong, pee pee, and all sorts of things

  • i think penises are often used as something comedic and so junk is just a joke .

  • good point!

    i guess its just one of those things...

  • haha good point!

  • ^^Junk is something you don't use, you don't need, and don't care if you lose it or throw it away ^^

    A lot of men see their d***s in such ways

    • Really?

    • I think so

    • hahahaha yea its no big deal if I lose my balls and penis

  • I wonder why they call their penis peckers? The guys I know are always like they have big ones and stuff so I'm like, don't call it a pecker it makes it seem micro.

    • Yeah!

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