What does come taste like for both guys and girls?

what does come taste like?

if a girl gives a guy a blow job, how does it feel and what does his sperm taste like? can it actually taste 'bad' ?

for guys, when eating a girl out, what does it feel like and how do her fluids taste like? have you experienced any bad tastes?


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  • Every girl I've eaten out has tasted great! They each have their own unique sexy smell and taste depending on when you do it and what she's been doing the previous 12 hours or so. But after going down on them a couple times you get pretty much used to how they're going to be. The first couple times you just deal with it but by the third time the taste and flavor of her wetness starts to be pretty fulfilling and I can take that a long time so she can hold of cumming as long as she wants. The extra wetness and juices from her orgasm can get addicting I've learned. They're so smooth and sweet/tardy/salty and there must be something in there that causes that because it turns me on so very much and if I don't come I'll be hard like for an hour. Lol. Like it goes from my mouth to the tip of my di*k in seconds. lol.


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  • From what a few of my female friends have told me, guys taste all different. They also said that is taste like pineapple if he eats any type of pineapple (canned or fresh) idk, but back to the point lol. I have absolutely no idea what it tastes like but what I've heard is that it can be salty sometimes (maybe like salt water), or sweet, or at sometimes sour.. In my experience of cunnilingus girls taste a lot alike. Hopefully they keep good hygiene, one bad experience that lasted about 5 seconds. The vaginal fluids actually have a more acidic pH to it while guys sperm have a more basic pH to try and neutralize each other.

  • EVERy girl is different. I had a girlfriend once that seriously tasted and smelled like fish. it was horrible! I hate fish!


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  • I think for both..a lot of it depends on their diet. I've never had a problem with either... I was with a girl that tasted so sweet it was ridiculous... She didn't even have a particular diet that I knew of, so I boiled that one down to it that its just the way her body chemistry is.

    My boyfriend now..he tastes really...really fantastic...hes a vegetarian and drinks a lot of water..I secretly hope he is the one, cause I have the feeling that it will take me awhile to get back used to "the usual." That or Id just have to stick with vegetarians ;)

  • I wouldn't know what eating a girl out tastes like haha but I know giving a guy head can be completely different for each guy. My guys sperm doesn't taste that awful at all. Its not incredibly strong like some guys' but it has a very distinct taste, its kind of hard to explain. From giving other guys head, I know it can sometimes taste bad but depending on his diet and such like that, its not so bad. At least in my experience.

  • Well My boyfriend doesn't taste too bad.. It depends how much it is really. Lol.

    But I have always had the same taste with guys.. With girls its kind of a salty taste..

    I have heard that guys can taste REALLY bad though and someone told me

    she threw up on the guy cos of that... so watch out. hah.a

  • My guy doesn't taste that bad. It's not my favorite taste in the world, but I'm not at all bothered by it. Having a drink nearby helps too.