When was the first time a guy or girl saw you naked?

When was the first time a guy or girl saw you naked


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  • Umm... January 21st, 2009. lol yea I remember the date. It is when I lost my virginity. I snuck out with a dude that was 15 years older than me. we went to his house and did it. it was funny because his mom,sis, and her five kids were home. they didn't even know! but when I got home (at 4 in the morning) my mom was standing there and now I'm grounded for 3 months but it was soooo worth it

    • Im not over 18 I'm on my sis's account I'm 15

    • Why did you get grounded if your over 18?

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  • 1mo

    The day I lost my virginity.

  • Oh and it was december 1st, 2007. best day of my life(: lost my virginity.

  • About a month ago. We just decided to make out naked :).

  • im still a virgin but this past summer I went to europe and came SO close to losing it. it took a lot of self-restraint. we were both completely naked for 5 hours in my hotel room hmm..

    • Ahaha what do you mean, 'superman'?

    • Dam. you must have been with superman

  • About a year ago.

    • Lol well I was going to have sex for the first time with my boyfriend.He is still my boyfriend now though.Idk how... it just happened. lol.

    • You want to tell us how it happened and with who

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  • it was 8th grade I was 14 she saw me naked and I went down on her

    • How did it happen that she saw you naked

    • Holyyy, gettin' some at age 14 haha