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Girls: Is watching a guy ejaculate hot?

Most guys like seeing a Vag experience orgasm (fluids, contractions). Do girls feel excitement seeing a guy come?

Thanks for all the positive answers. Did it on webcam for a lover once at her request. Had a little stage fright. Did hair grooming and lotioned up for the best :look" and acquitted myself well.

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  • Yes I think so, I think it's even more exciting if it's me causing it and not his hand

What Girls Said 18

  • Yes, but I usually don't get to that point because he finishes inside [mouth, vag, or ass], or I jump in to help out somehow eventually if he's jacking off.

  • Yep! :o)

  • absolutely!

  • Yes, incredibly hot! Especially if I'm helping him do it.

  • Hell yes I even have my boyfriend send me Video if I'm not going to see him. For a while

  • Yeah it makes me so wet.

  • hell Yeah ... especially if he's doing it himself and cums all over me very sexy

  • very hot!

  • Yes, it is hot.

  • Not really as much as him putting it in but it is kinda nice to watch his reaction when he is coming.

  • It can be not ganna lie(;

  • Hell yes.

  • Yes its hot!

  • You wouldn't believe how hot it is!

  • When a guy comes I get even more turned on and want more sex it kinda makes me feel insatiable

  • I love it, I love seeing my guy go over the edge. It makes it even hotter and me even more worked up.

  • I don't like watching any random guy, but I do get turned on seeing my boyfriend cum. There's definitely something cool about seeing his erect penis spurting its goo when he pulls out.

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