Girls how often do you come across a bigger or well endowed partner, whether boyfriend or casual hook-up?

Ok I don't wanna be one of those guys with a penis question but I have to ask because I have noticed something on here. So as I have read on here it turns out quite a few girls have been with bigger sized guys like 8inches and such and its supposed to be rare. So now I am asking how many guys have you seen or been with total and like how many have been that 8 in or what ever you perceive 8 inches to be. For example, you have seen 5 total and out of that 5 you believe 2 have been 8in. Feel free to answer anon and guys don't make mean comments.


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  • Been in the same bed as 6, but only had intercourse with one. Only two of them were average, the rest were small. I slept with one of the average guys. He was about 6 in I would estimate.

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  • I've seen a good many and tested a good many. The vast majority have been in the 4.5 through 7.5 inch range and with maybe 10 to 12 guys that were 8 inches or better.

  • i've been with 4 guys, and the biggest was about six inches

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  • First guy was 4.5 inches. Second was about 6. Third, maybe 5 inches. Third was pretty drunk and could barely get it up, so who knows. Definitely not over 5.5 though.

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  • 8 is the smallest I've been with

  • all that I have seen seemed pretty average to me. I have only seen/done things with a few though, I have felt many through the pants only, which can't necessarily tell much. none of them seemed too small, but none seemed particularly big either.

  • i don't drop every guys pants down when I like them lol (although I do get d*** pictures sometimes haha) but quite often in my experience. I have but I think maybe I just lean toward ethnicities/races that tend to be bigger. (I know some people believe every group on earth has all the same features physically, but I dont, so there's room for penis to be different in some groups vs others, just as with butts or noses, or boobs, etc.)

    not saying all are that way, but some groups have been consistently packing in my experience and the experiences of my friends.

    or maybe it has something to do with me. I'm black and I think that a lot of men think black women only want big penises so maybe the guys who try to get with me will automatically be a bit bigger because the guys who may like me but aren't well endowed don't have the confidence to go through with it? that's one of my theories. does that make sense to anyone else? lol

    anyway numbers. this is for in person penises and d*** pic penises (only pics that were sent to me, not my friends). I've seen about 7 and 5 were definitely above average size, around 7 or 8 inches, or like 6 and really thick. I think one was bigger than that, probably 9 inches or 10.

  • I've never been with 8 inches but I consider my current boyfriend to be "big" because he's also pretty thick and it even hurts...

    Other guys I've been with I would consider average (6ish inches?)

  • I've been with 12 men, the largest was ~7 inches. The rest were between ~4.5" and 6.5".

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  • Pretty often. Caribbean men are hung

    • good, stick to Caribbean men

    • Hey don't down vote. Based on her experience Caribbean men are hung. It happens

    • I have to talk about what I know. I live in the Caribbean so Yes KoolioKid I think that won't be impossible

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  • I don't think many women will see over 8 inches in a lifetime, most girls that do see one that's 8. The guy claims 10, and she's buys it as such. Seeing the average guy is 5 and a half inches in length, which is a big difference for sure.

    From the girls I have talked to about this, most of the time if a guy's long. He tends not to be as thick, and the guys that are thick tend not to be as long. So all things considered, if your above 7 inches and above average in thickness you have nothing to worry about. You also have a good chance of being her biggest overall.