Girls how often do you come across a bigger or well endowed partner, whether boyfriend or casual hook-up?

Ok I don't wanna be one of those guys with a penis question but I have to ask because I have noticed something on here. So as I have read on here it turns out quite a few girls have been with bigger sized guys like 8inches and such and its supposed to be rare. So now I am asking how many guys have you seen or been with total and like how many have been that 8 in or what ever you perceive 8 inches to be. For example, you have seen 5 total and out of that 5 you believe 2 have been 8in. Feel free to answer anon and guys don't make mean comments.


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  • Been in the same bed as 6, but only had intercourse with one. Only two of them were average, the rest were small. I slept with one of the average guys. He was about 6 in I would estimate.

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  • I've seen a good many and tested a good many. The vast majority have been in the 4.5 through 7.5 inch range and with maybe 10 to 12 guys that were 8 inches or better.

  • i've been with 4 guys, and the biggest was about six inches

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  • First guy was 4.5 inches. Second was about 6. Third, maybe 5 inches. Third was pretty drunk and could barely get it up, so who knows. Definitely not over 5.5 though.

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  • 8 is the smallest I've been with

  • all that I have seen seemed pretty average to me. I have only seen/done things with a few though, I have felt many through the pants only, which can't necessarily tell much. none of them seemed too small, but none seemed particularly big either.

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  • I don't think many women will see over 8 inches in a lifetime, most girls that do see one that's 8. The guy claims 10, and she's buys it as such. Seeing the average guy is 5 and a half inches in length, which is a big difference for sure.

    From the girls I have talked to about this, most of the time if a guy's long. He tends not to be as thick, and the guys that are thick tend not to be as long. So all things considered, if your above 7 inches and above average in thickness you have nothing to worry about. You also have a good chance of being her biggest overall.