Girls have you ever made a guy come in his pants from dancing or making out? Guys do you ever come like that?

Girls if you made a guy come like that would you comfort him by saying "it's alright" or pretend you didn't notice, or would you laugh at him and think he is a loser? What would you be thinking privately about him in your head?

Guys if this has happened to you how did you hide it or what did the girl you were with do and say?

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  • No that has never happend
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  • I've made a guy come in his pants by laying on top of him and kissing his neck and chest, I wasn't disgusted, I actually found it quite nice that he could get off on that without me taking my clothes off! Also after it happened, we were just playful about it and carried on having foreplay and intercourse anyway.


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  • unless you're dry humping hard core, I don't see how a guy could be so turned on by dancing that he spontaneously orgasms lol

    but if it did happen, I wouldn't make fun of him or put him down (even in my head)

    i'd probably think it was the hottest thing ever that he came to me before I even really touched him ;)

  • Yes, a couple of my BFs have come in their pants. Usually it was earlier in our relationship. Later in the relationship we seem to get our clothes off faster. I like to make out on the sofa. I would straddle his lap and we would kiss and make out for hours. During that time, being really into making out, I would grind my hips and inadvertently dry hump his penis. I could always tell when he came because I could actually feel his penis pulsing against me. Actually, I thought it was really hot, but he seemed to be bothered by it. I think that is shows that he is really into the moment. I certainly would not think less of him or laugh at him.

  • Yes.

    I didn't think he was a loser at all. I thought it was f*cking hot. In fact, I've replayed the scenario in my head over and over and gotten off to it because it was so sexy. I love the image of him losing all control of his own body because of me :) I think it's hot and I don't know why guys are embarrassed if they come while making out. I think it's damn sexy.

    One time when I made a guy cum, we were making out. All of the sudden, I felt a lot of squishy, gooey wetness in his sweatpants all the way down his thigh. Me, being an awkward, shy, virgin at the time, was like " :o did you just cum!?" He was like "No...did you?" lolol, liar! He came and I embarrassed him ://I felt bad, but damn it was hot.

    • It happened to me and it is extremely embarrassing. I want to be in control of my body especially in front of a girl I like because I feel like if I can't control myself the girl won't like me and she'll think I won't be able to have sex for more than two seconds lol.

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    • Don't be embarrassed. If the girl is really worth all that much, she'll be understanding. I personally think there's something quite erotic about losing control of your body sexually. Speaking for myself, sometimes I'll fake losing control because it's flattering to the guy and that look in his eye when he sees my reaction to him is priceless. It's good to keep things like that in lengthens your sexual charm. So don't be embarassed, it's perfectly normal :)

    • I think you're being way too hard on yourself. Do you seriously not want to talk to her anymore becuase of this? Honestly?It's not like doing that makes you less of a good guy, less of pleasant company, less of an overall attractive guy. It's not like you did something terrible! Give yourself a break. Cheer up :) take it as a lesson learned

      Gee, I really hope I didn't make that guy feel like this :/ :(

  • From making out and intense dry humping, yeah. He was a virgin, so it didn't really surprise me and I didn't look down on him for it.

    • What did he do and say when it happened? What did you say to him? That is really embarrassing for guys.

    • He told me what happened and he kinda laughed at himself, but I could tell he was sort of embarrassed, so I just smiled. We had sex later and he lasted pretty long considering, so I think his ego was reflated.

  • i dance at a strip club and it happens pretty often.

  • does precum count?

    • It can count I guess if you weren't expecting him to be precuming or if it was starting to show through his clothes that he is precuming. If you want to answer go ahead I'll just take into account you're talking about precum and not a full ejaculation.

    • well there has been times when I have been making out with a guy and he precumed?(is that a word? lol), and I wasn't expecting it/ and other times when I wasn't touching him, and he precumed.

    • What did you think about the guys when you noticed? Did you think they were immature for precuming so soon?

  • I believe it is a turn on that means he is attracted to me and it would make me want him. I held my ex's hand and made him came and we had intense makeouts that he came. He got really turned on by me and he had slept with other girls...and it never happened before.

    • What did you do when it happened? Was it gross and messy? Did you just keep hanging out at that moment or did the guy leave to get new pants or what?

    • we ended up together for ten months I thought he was the love of my life but he was a mamas boy and I laughted but I told him it was adorkable and he is my goober

  • i made one of my bros friends come during a lap dance. I kept grinding on him and he came. it was a dare, so I won

  • yes I have, I tend to be attracted to the innocent, quiet guys, they are very cute

  • When my boyfriend and I were in the making out stage of our physical relationship (we progressed gradually towards sex), he came in his pants all the time. I didn't know it at the time though, he told me later that it had happened.

    • I don't know how he could hide that. Can you ask him how he hid it from you and get back to me? I'm umm... having personal problems and it might help me.

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    • I think the wetness is hard to hide. Maybe you just didn't touch the wet spot or either he doesn't ejaculate as much liquid as I do. For me I had a big wet spot and wanted to kill myself.

    • I honestly wasn't thinking about it and I wasn't looking for signs. Maybe wear dark colors? Moisture doesn't show up as well on them. But really, I bet she was just flattered. Don't worry!

  • If he did, I would think that was hot because he just couldn't help himself. It's not fair if I have all the orgasms clothed. But that has yet to happen to a guy I've been with :(


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  • Never came when I didn't want to ( first 2 times having sex don't cound LoL).

  • I think I was 14 or 15 when that last happened.

  • never I did

  • Gotten hard many times from it, but never came because of dancing.