My boyfriend doesn't "please" me in bed anymore, what should I do?

My boyfriend of 2 years has come from good to HORRIBLE in bed. He just doesn't satisfy my needs anymore. He's either too quick and I never orgasm or he's too "small", not fully erected enough to do it and its really toggling with our relationship because we actually live with one another. Lately, after work all he's been doing these past months was come home, we have a quickie, yes a quickie and it lasts maybe 5-10 min and boom, he came already...I went to a sex store with a girlfriend wanting to buy a dildo and just satisfy myself like that because my boyfriend is being a real slacker. Even when I get horny, he'll say nooo I'm too tired, tomorrow. Help! What should I do? Its a matter of time I'll just get sick of the same old routine and just pleasure my own self.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Same thing here sis I don't knw what the f*** is their stupid problem should we f***ing cheat or what? Nowonder some women cheat but eish I don't have the gutts guess just gotta be honest talk to him if he don't listen cut yourself off from sex if he asks say your tired tmro ...its sick pleasuring your ownself wen you have a boyfriend its like cheating because that vagina belongs to him now rightfully