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Why do Guys like to see girls play with themselves?

My boyfriend always tells me to play with myself I think its kinda weird like in front of him I don't know why does that always turn guys on I just... Show More

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  • My boyfriends loves it too, I really don't know why.

What Guys Said 2

  • every guy likes this just go for it and enjoy

  • I don't know, all I can say is your boyfriend is right. It is hot

What Girls Said 5

  • my boyfriend loves it too, at first I was a little uncomfortable with it and even asked him why he wanted me to do it and why he wanted to watch and he said something along the lines of, "it turns me on, you don't to turn me on don't you?" so I went for it, haha. its definitely not out of the ordinary, don't worry.

  • Im not sure I think its kinda weird remember don't do anything ur not comfterable with cause ull regret it its really up to you I mean don't you think its kinda personal wen you play with yourself my boy friend never asked me to do something like this and I don't think I want to be asked to do it but go 4 it if you want

  • it's like he's getting a peep show and he's the only one in the audience.

    it's pretty intimate.

  • My boyfriend totally loves it and gets turned on too. He says it also helps him learn how I respond when I'm touching just the right places at the right tempo. He fingers me, and does oral a lot to orgasm and it has helped him get much better. So it's been okay with me. :-]

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