How do you feel about being felt up all over your privates by the opposite sex or same sex for that matter?

How do you feel about being felt up all over your privates by the opposite sex or same sex for that matter?

by the way I'm all for the ladies
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  • Saying as I'm straight I wouldn't like it by the same sex. The opposite sex is good lol

    • How old are you if you don't mind me asking

    • It was my pleasure entertaining you

    • Thank you very much! And I'm glad I could help

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  • i like it=]

  • If I am with someone l like than I like it...:)

  • Personally, I'd rather have a girl feel up on me. I don't know.Its better for me?Who knows.But I don't want it do be some complete stranger.

  • I am not bi-sexual - tried to be - wasn't my thing.I LIKE MEN.If I am into the man and I want to screw his brains out I love it - if not, I wouldn't be letting him feel me out!

  • only if its a guy I'm dating and am intimate with

  • It is one of the best feelings around. Opposite sex. Amaaaaaaaaaazing.

  • Being felt up is ok but only by my boyfriend. And especially not by any girls.

  • same sex...well I guess you could call me about 20% bi so it doesn't bother me as far as boobs go but vagina...i don't know... like its not like it grosses me out but its awkward.opposite sex- I have a boyfriend... O MY GOD ITS AMAZING I LOVE IT

  • It would totally turn me on! I wouldn't mind that at all...

  • if I want you... its the first step to whatever and if I don't want you its the first step to getting your nads punched. lol

  • i like it when I like the guy, but if a guy trys and you push away there hand and they try again I freaking hate that...I love it when its outside the clothes too, but if its inside and you haven't been getting off its not good if it ain't going any further. I think I get more turned on when in your mind your imagining the next stages, instead of having the next stage already, if you get me.but never when people are around, that's just really awkward.

  • i'de puke if it was with some guy I didn't want to be with and if it was some guy who didn't care about me, I'de punch his face or beat him up.over all, that sort of stuff should wait till you get to know the person. end point. whatever.

  • outside of the clothes! Yeah. I hate when it's inside of the clothes and we haven't been making out and clothes going off. I like when the clothes go off and then stuff happens. But if we're not in the dirty mood or a dirty mood, I like it to be outside of the clothing.

  • well its a rather turn on...

  • by a guy who I have been dating a feel comfortable with. the idea is pretty nice in private.

  • i am a girl and I rather like it

  • Well if I am seriously attracted to them and trust them and want it to happen then I'm all for it. But I'm not just going to let some random guy feel me up.

  • opposite sex.. whenever doesn't matter

    • Thats still sexy

    • Not really.. I normally don't really care.. anythings good.. but when I'm really excited I like guys to feel my chest, I don't know y but I do

    • Is there any spots on your body where you ask a man specifically to touch you there

  • If it's a man I like and care about, I love it! :)

    • I was just playin with u

    • Hmm, I thought certain aspects of this situation were to be inferred, but I guess not. Wow. Um, clearly I'm referring to a man I'm sexually involved with.

    • You would let your father and your brother. Do it to not to be nasty or anything I just want to clear it up as they can as well be men you like ,care about and love

  • mmmmm I love it but I don't like it wen I get touched by someone in a private part in front of a huge crowdit bugs meplus it depends on how I'm feeling

    • It could be a huge change over could of been a significant change either way you are still grown and sexy seems to me that you are really confident and you should never take otherwise your gorgeous women as any woman is in their own way

    • I'm still a virgin

    • I was amazed when I thought it over. it felt good and ya it made me feel sexy for a while and then I just kinda felt the same again even though I changed the way I acted

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  • Well it depends on the situation. Like if you even want it. But when you do want it, it feel hella amazing haha :)

    • Hah yea I guess soo.

    • Thats sexy

    • So you like 2 get squeezed

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  • It depends on the situation. At a party, in a restaurant, even sometimes in a business meeting if you are already in a romantic relationship with the person, can be incredibly erotic. If it's some drunked lug at a frat party or in a bar, then not so much.Either sex, by the way. ^_^

    • So would say that there are moments in the day that you would love a man or a women (what ever ur into I don't judge) to feel all over your body as if he was craving you or woyld be in a different matter like in other one spot more than another

  • I absolutely love the feeling (which gender does not matter), but if no one's willing to feel me up I do it myself.

    • Lol

    • Ill feel you up

    • Yea, I guess I get moments in the day where I don't mind some contact. I'm affectionate by nature and since it seems that people I want to get physically close to are disgusted by it, so I always keep it under wraps. that said, it's really special for me to be touched, considering I have a chip on my shoulder about doing the touching myself lol. I've never done a lot of cuddling. I'd like to try. and lastly, it doesn't have to be just the genitals, but I don't have a preference.

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  • women should initiate all contact...women only for me!

  • Same sex = fist to faceOpposite sex = um, yeahOpposite sex (my girl) = AWESOME!

  • im fine with it. as long as I like the person alot.

  • I don't like it if a guy touches and my friends guys have huged and kissed, just a peck nothin sexual but if a girl I didn't know tried to feel me up?...hmmm I guess I wouldn't care really but I'm a freak! I've been seduced by guys on several occasions and I find it disturbing!I politly tell them that I'm not that way...some of them lie and say o, well they aren't either but I can tell...

  • I love it when a female I'm attracted to does it. If its a stranger I get uncomfortable because I honestly want to know the person and have some sort of connection with her.When a guy touches me I get really awkward and nervous and I don't like it. My friend Brandon does that sometimes to me joking around, but it really pisses me off lol.So yeah, if I like her its okay, if I don't then its weird, if its a guy it pisses me off.does that help?

  • Opposite sex: yay! Same sex=instant brawl.

  • girls = WOOTguys = Punch in the face