How do you feel about being felt up all over your privates by the opposite sex or same sex for that matter?

How do you feel about being felt up all over your privates by the opposite sex or same sex for that matter?

by the way I'm all for the ladies
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  • Saying as I'm straight I wouldn't like it by the same sex. The opposite sex is good lol

    • I don't understand that question lol

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    • It was my pleasure entertaining you

    • How old are you if you don't mind me asking

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  • If it's a man I like and care about, I love it! :)

    • You would let your father and your brother. Do it to not to be nasty or anything I just want to clear it up as they can as well be men you like ,care about and love

    • Hmm, I thought certain aspects of this situation were to be inferred, but I guess not. Wow. Um, clearly I'm referring to a man I'm sexually involved with.

    • I was just playin with u

  • i'de puke if it was with some guy I didn't want to be with and if it was some guy who didn't care about me, I'de punch his face or beat him up.

    over all, that sort of stuff should wait till you get to know the person. end point. whatever.

  • outside of the clothes! Yeah. I hate when it's inside of the clothes and we haven't been making out and clothes going off. I like when the clothes go off and then stuff happens. But if we're not in the dirty mood or a dirty mood, I like it to be outside of the clothing.

  • well its a rather turn on...

  • I am not bi-sexual - tried to be - wasn't my thing.


    If I am into the man and I want to screw his brains out I love it - if not, I wouldn't be letting him feel me out!

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  • Opposite sex: yay! Same sex=instant brawl.

  • Same sex = fist to face

    Opposite sex = um, yeah

    Opposite sex (my girl) = AWESOME!

  • I love it when a female I'm attracted to does it. If its a stranger I get uncomfortable because I honestly want to know the person and have some sort of connection with her.

    When a guy touches me I get really awkward and nervous and I don't like it. My friend Brandon does that sometimes to me joking around, but it really pisses me off lol.

    So yeah, if I like her its okay, if I don't then its weird, if its a guy it pisses me off.

    does that help?

  • women should initiate all contact...women only for me!

  • girls = WOOT

    guys = Punch in the face

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