How can I turn my boyfriend on?

I don't know how to ask my Boyfriend for sex.. I mean we have talked about it but I'm kinda afraid of what he`ll think of me cause I'm kinda chunky but I'm still really pretty but I kinda think he's to good for me. How can I turn him on?


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  • I know I'm not a guy but I had this problem to I didn't know how to ask my boy friend either so this is how I did it when we were like making out like hard core making out I jus looked in his eyes and asked " You wanna" and it worked!!! but the whole chunky part girl what ever you boyfriend is wit YOU ok if he really likes you then he gonna like ALL OF YOU and if he doesn't then shame on him because I bet your beautiful but I really don't have any doubt about what he'll think about what you look like outside of your clothes but to turn him on ok... ask yourself "what usually makes us kiss" or "what do I do that makes him jump up" if you get my drift because your the only one that knows your boyfriend like boyfriend like a little love biting and he's up and ready lol.. well hope you can getty up soon.. holla back when you decide what to do!


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  • It depends on how subtle you may or may not want to be. If you don't want to be that strait forward about it then the next time you guys are making out and kissing, first try just brushing your hand/hands down and across his Penis. Once you get the feeling that he is hard, just start to fondle it, and by that point I am sure he will get the hint that you r ready to take it to the next level.


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  • Don't worry about the chunky part... your boyfriend obviously isn't worried about it. He's YOUR boyfriend... no one else's. Don't focus on what's gonna turn him on, when you feel like you want to go further, just make an indication, trust me... he'll get it. I did that with my ex, I was too shy to ask him too, so I got on top of him (this is so weird lol) and he looked kinda surprised, but it sure got him turned on an after that he couldn't stop himself. I didn't really plan on doing that, it just kinda happened. Sometimes good things happen in the spur of the moment. Hope this helped! :)

  • First, he doesn't think he's too good for you. I mean he's obviously with you cause he's into you. when you're making out with him the next time. Give him a handjob and that should put him in the mood.

  • try to slowly put on a little strip tease for him tease him a little have fun with him try hinting 2 him in a different way or go straight forward and tell him what you want to do with him be flirty it sometimes works or be creative about it

  • next time your in the moment, ask him to lay on his back and tell him your going to give him a nice chest massage. To do this I recommend sitting on-top of him with your butt on his groin and rub his chest, as your rubbing his chest move your hips, that I'm sure should get him going pretty good!