Large Labia Minora, Good or Bad?

I know no one I'm with will ever tell me the truth about this so I'm asking you guys and be honest. Do you find large labia minora unattractive or repulsive in any way, or do you like them. I am considering surgery to fix them but I am not sure, as doing research I have found there is a risk of horrible scarring or chronic pain. Plus the fact that is done under general anesthetic which is riskier for me due to an existing blood disorder. Girls and Guys please answer.


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  • Your listed as 18 to 24, and your probably younger. Assuming you are allowing guys of a similar age access to your labia, your wasting your effort. They have seen so few of them, they would not realize anything was unusual if you had feathers on it. Seriously, let your body finish growing. If you get to 25 and you are seriously concerned over a couple of insignificant flaps of skin in your panties, then see a doctor about altering something. For now, just try to put it out of your mind. You are probly fine. :)


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  • Don't even consider it!

    It doesn't matter... and I love cunnilingus.

  • I love large labia. I wish there was a surgery to give women large labia instead of reducing them.

  • Honestly the guy probably wouldn't notice. If he did notice it probably wouldn't matter enough for him to even care. I wouldn't get surgery because they could fix it and then mess up something else. Usually how it works.

  • Your research is correct. Do NOT do the surgery.

    Your labia are fine. I personally find it very attractive, and I think a lot of other guys do, too. When I look at p*rn, I specifically look for large inner labia. It turns me on.

  • It really doesn't matter and don't waste your time and/or money to have it altered.

  • No I like large labia minora/outties...more to get ahold of with my lips & tongue..and I find them to be hotter than innies..and would be unhappy that you had sliced them off./:/:/;

  • I like em!...there's more to suck on!

  • I love them. Bigger the better. Leave them alone.

  • Large labia are fine.. Everyone is different. It's part of makes you unique. Any guy who would give you a hard time about the size of your labia doesn't deserve to be with you.

  • are they comparable to this girl's? you an see more clearly at 3:00 , if they are like that honestly I wouldn't have a problem with it.


  • The size is totally not important to me. When I'm down there, the following things matter :



    Trimmed pubes

    Easy to find clit

    Moisture levels


    Nowhere on my list, is the size of her labia.

  • I prefer innies...

  • it is unattractive but 98% of the time it's not one of my turn off's. personally as long as it's not pierced I could enjoy it.

    Women like men have different shapes and sizes of sex organs and as long as it doesn't cause you pain you should leave it as is here's a link to prove my point link

    • link

      here's a question similar to yours on the yahoo ask website

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  • Leave the flaps alone! Guys do not care whether there is meat hanging from your coochie or not as long as they can play with and f*ck it they are very happy. The other fact is that just as many girls are as you are such as me for instance, than there is with innies. It certainly is not an issue to worry about and will not affect your sex life or looks. Not many photos of girls with legs slightly open so you can see the hanging flaps except maybe in p*rn.

  • If a guy complains about you're labia he's probably a douche and he doesn't deserve you.

  • Most men adore my big labia. I say keep them.

  • It's normal! Just because you have large lips doesn't mean your loose, your quite tight. Men are idiots. Most men just love p**** no matter what. I'm a woman and I feel the same way, all p**** is amazing. Don't feel self conscious. If anyone gives you bullsh*t about it, then they aren't worth it. Your not disgusting! Don't put yourself down. Hope this helps

  • Sadly, there are some guys out there who are d*** enough to say 'eww' when they see large labias. Don't let that discourage you, because the truth is, it's also those same guys who are just as happy with it as long as they can put their d*** in you. However, if he's a**hole enough to even suggest you get a surgery, kick him to the curve.

    I remember seeing a documentary about this. They took mold imprints of like, a hundred different women's outer vagina's to prove that each and every one was different to some extent. There are so many women with large labias, and they manage to find and live in content relationships too. Shouldn't be difficult at all to find men who appreciate you for who you are. Getting the labia reduction surgery should only be done because YOU want or need to for YOUR own reason. Not because you think guys will like it better.

    • There's a woman who runs a Tumblr blog where women submit their vagina photos, just to show how each is unique