Large Labia Minora, Good or Bad?

I know no one I'm with will ever tell me the truth about this so I'm asking you guys and be honest. Do you find large labia minora unattractive or repulsive in any way, or do you like them. I am considering surgery to fix them but I am not sure, as doing research I have found there is a risk of horrible scarring or chronic pain. Plus the fact that is done under general anesthetic which is riskier for me due to an existing blood disorder. Girls and Guys please answer.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Your listed as 18 to 24, and your probably younger. Assuming you are allowing guys of a similar age access to your labia, your wasting your effort. They have seen so few of them, they would not realize anything was unusual if you had feathers on it. Seriously, let your body finish growing. If you get to 25 and you are seriously concerned over a couple of insignificant flaps of skin in your panties, then see a doctor about altering something. For now, just try to put it out of your mind. You are probly fine. :)