Girls that put up slutty pictures of themselves on Facebook & guys that "like" those pictures

What does that say about a guy when he "likes" a picture of a girl like this one:


I ask because this guy I like never liked any of my pictures, but he liked this slut face's picture.

He calls me babe & tells me he's interested and all, but what the f*** does that say about him?


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  • I agree with you, f*** that slut! I f***ing hate sluts like that who put pictures like that so all her friends, coworkers & employers see that. F***them.

    • That's right ;) thnx.


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  • Unfortunately for most women they don't understand primal instinct.a mans sole purpose is to reproduce as much as possible and the woman to take care of the child women have simply adapted to conform to mens primal desires. Don't blame the men. It is always the womens but seriously do a little research ignorance is not bliss it is an inevitable end to existence.

  • To be honest, I think you should leave him lol

  • Personally I never like the overly revealing pictures that some girls have posted on FB. I will like a photo of them smiling or a funny photo of them with their friends that looks cute, not something that looks sexually objective.

    When a girl is always posting sexual objective pictures of themselves it makes me feel that they are insecure and need approval or attention from others in order to validate themselves. That is unattractive to me.

    You can still look great in your photos just take photos of you and your friends when you are out. Get some good photos of yourself somewhere exciting or dressy that shows off your personality and your looks.

  • ".No. I don't need random strangers' internet approval"

    Lol I guess you did end up sharing a picture of

    yourslef right haha. . N to be quite honest your not

    that bad. You're alright, Would I hit that LIKE Button?

    Sure why not, Don't feel bad because your Boyfriend LIKES

    other girls pics. Tell him how your feel and I am sure

    he will understand, when he sees a hot girls pic

    next time as hard as he's wanna hit the LIKE button

    he won't because he now knows how you feel about that :)

    • Well I am glad to hear you are faithful :)

      N if your so comitted to him you should

      definitely talk to him and have him stop

      looking around lol

    • and no. I have a boyfriend that I am committed to.

    • It's not HER I am mad at. I am mad at HIM for liking HER picture and NOT ANY OF MINE. Just because mine aren't skanky like hers doesn't mean he shouldn't like any of his girlfriends pictures...

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  • Holy shi...

    ...Wait she's fourteen? That's one developed... I mean... I'm out of here before the FBI come knocking at my door!

    • most girls finish most of their essential developing at 14.. at least where I grew up. maybe a few more inches of height. nothing much more tho.

  • LIKE

    • Because it's funnier if he doesn't like your photos :D

    • So why doesn't he like any of my photos? Because they're not skanky like this girl?

    • You have a hot body

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  • This is why social networking is a goddamn plague lol.

    Most heterosexual males are going to like that picture, it's a hot chick wearing skimpy clothes. The fact he liked it doesn't mean jack beyond that. It doesn't mean he likes her more than you or wants to be in a relationship with her, it just means it's a hot chick in skimpy clothes.

    • if it bothers you*



      If you're so insecure that you need your boyfriend to click a button on your pictures for your relationship to feel validated, you have far more issues than your boyfriend.

      Also, if you're really 18-24 this sh*t is sad. Grow up. You're acting like a child. If it others you, talk to him about it. Don't come on here and call people sluts and rage in all caps about stupid sh*t.


  • I will be honest and speak for all of us guys.

    if we could hit the LIKE button on every picture

    with a HOT girl trust me we would. But knowing

    the fact that it is FB and every one of your friends

    will see it, it only stops us. Becuase there are girls

    (like you sorry to say) who get offended. Now yes I

    understand your upset that your Boyfriend doesn't LIKE your

    pictures. for once and I mean just this one time, Take

    a picture similiar to this or other girls pose that you see

    on FB(If you have a Hot Body of course) N let other guys

    like your photo. Than see if your Boyfriend likes that when he

    sees all this hungry dogs all over you like a pack of meat lol

    • than I'm sorry to say but we cannot stop Slutty Pictures and LIKE buttons. .

    • NO. I don't want slutty pictures of me on Facebook.

  • Somehow, boys of today (and in the past) think that chasing a girl like a puppy dog is going to get him anywhere. I suppose if he's the "best" puppy dog it'll work out for him. Also, liking a picture on the internet is just another way for a guy to hopefully get attention from said like-ee.

    But who knows, maybe you can get some serious tail that way hahaha

    • I've done a year of therapy & I am OK but this has pushed me over the edge. We met online & he's had meetings with his parole officer for the last 3 dates we were supposed to have, and I feel like he's always making me cry & that's the only time he ever texts me or calls me is when he's made me cry.

    • Well at least you know you're crazy. The next step would be dealing with that instead of stressing over Facebook. What did people do before Facebook? They didn't read into every little thing and make huge issues out of a computer, that's what they did.

    • Yeah actually I am. Thanks you for throwing that in my face.

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  • Well, she's pretty damn hot. Guys like pretty damn hot. So guys will like fb pics of pretty damn hot girls looking pretty damn hot. Don't know why really, I mean I doubt the chick is going to be like "Omg he liked the pic of me looking pretty damn hot! (because she knows she is) I'm interested in him!"

    It's generally a guys attempt to convey that they think the chick is pretty damn hot without being "creepy" or "lame" by commenting. Idk.

    If calls you babe and tells you he's interested but hasn't made a move, he's probably keeping you as a booty call. Not for sure the case, but it's likely.

    • Sounds like you should just drop him.

    • OK yeah except that we met online & we've never met in person yet. He barely texts me except when he's made me cry by keeping me up all night waiting for him to call when he said he would (because his friends stole his phone). And I don't care why he liked it, there was no reason for him to like her picture if he's never liked any of mine.

    • Aha, new information.

      Well sometimes boyfriends might not be as active towards you on Facebook as towards others because they see you constantly. My ex used to complain that I had comment convos with everyone but her. My reasoning for that was I was usually just texting her, so conversing through 2 mediums felt pointless.

      And he liked it because he thought the pic was pretty damn hot. Take that as you may, that was his motivation.

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  • Why do you have to make up mean things about someone you don't even know just because your boyfriend's eyes are wandering?

    She's got nothing to do with it. Confront him and deal with it.

    • You're still not making sense to me. Are you on here to badmouth some girl you know nothing about? Or because you are trying to solve an issue with your boyfriend?

      Your name calling reflects on you, not her. Can't you tell that from the majority of people's comments on here?

      I thought you were just bashing somebody originally, and then I thought maybe you were concerned about your boyfriend... but as soon as I started believing that, you went right back to unproductive name-calling.

    • I did it so we'd be on the same level. If I don't show any skin you can't tell and see as much and this isn't attached to my Facebook, where my potential employers & colleges will look like hers is. It doesn't have a thing saying "how many likes for this hot girl" and I put on the same outfit to prove any girl can look good if she looks like a slut.

    • From your picture, you are certainly very attractive! I think you need to sit him down, tell him how much he bothers you, and if you don't feel like you are respected, break up.

      (Although why aren't you calling yourself names, since you are wearing much like the other girl!)

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  • You would not find many guys that would not like that photo! But saying that the fact he has not liked any of your photos could be a good thing. Maybe he is shy to let you know he likes you!

    • He didn't have to click "like" on it. He could have just noticed and said to himself oh OK she's hot, but NO, HE LIKED IT.

  • That he's interested in easy women? There's no doubt that she's pretty but she doesn't need to be wearing booty shorts and a tank for a casual photo. I guess he's into scantily clad women. To a degree they are appealing. Throw them in front of a new car and people will buy the car more, in front of a beer and people will buy the beer more. Sex appeal can be very driving for some people.

    • You should bring it up with him personally. :o

    • No--I have LOTS of pictures of myself up but NONE of them are slutty.

    • Oh boy, do you have a lot of pictures up? He should be liking all your pictures. Maybe it was a spur of the moment thing. Was it only one? Do you post pictures of yourself regularly also?

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  • She's 18. Right? Right? Please someone say yes.

    • 19.

    • Update: you're 18. Right? Right? Please say yes.

    • If PO is what I think it is, jesus, move on.

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  • It says he's attracted to attractive girls. And when they put up slutty photos of themselves guys notice. Don't feel like you have to live up to that, but remember he's a guy. The same way teenage girls go nutso over stupid boy bands, guys do the same about scantily clad women.

    • Idk one of those girls that accepts everyone that he's friends with posted it to "see how many likes for his hot girl" but he NEVER likes ANY OF MINE.

    • I don't usually go around liking girl's pictures either but obviously I have been attracted to some of my friends on FB. Did this picture have a bunch of likes already from other guys?


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  • he's not worth it.

  • Ok! Lol

    1.You can't hold this over her head and keep callin her slut for putting those kind of pictures up. I mean,I'm not condoning them but she'll probably do it with or without his approval.

    2.He's the problem not her,so talk to him. Don't insult her.

    3.This whole raped twice and physically abused thing,I don't wanna be the one to break it to you sweetheart but you're not the first or last person in the world that this has happened to,so don't use that as an excuse to lash out on people. That's happened to quite a few of my good friends an they're not insecure,I'm not saying every odys gonna be the same but you're putting it out there like it gives you the right to be mad at the other girl for being insecure yourself. Now,for the emotional thing,name it. What's the name of the condition?

    4.You did the EXACT same thing she did,you put up a half naked picture to see approval of others on the Internet,so you can't say that only she's done it or try and separate yourself from it. Plus,no, you cannot tell who finds/looks at that picture so just as you said its basically up for grabs

    5.Bringing her picture into this may not be legally wrong but it's more in the morally/ethically wrong range. Because even if she did that then that was for her to choose to do,but by you taking it and showing it off to more people it doesn't seem right.

    If/When you reply there's no need to blow up. Oh,and you can calm down.

    • Actually,I did read the question because my initial answer hit just about everything you said. I was never trying to help with your disorder specifically but just trying to be nice,people like that still do exist in the world. And I'm happy for you that it's gotten better even if it's not perfect. A little progress is better than none :)

    • Because I'm not asking for help with my disorder, I am asking what putting slutty assed pictures like that says about you as a person (because my boyfriend is friends with this girl) and what it says about him. No one reads the question. And it HAS gotten better and I DID find LOTS of ways to make it easier, but nothing is perfect.

    • Woah,hey,it was just a suggestion because see,I didn't know all that. So there's no reason to get upset with somebody when they're trying to help with as much as they know. Plus,I know how much it sucks to take pills,I take them myself :/ but you're so closed up foray key to even try to help. So,I give up. Have fun with your life and I hope your condition gets better or you find a way to make it easier.

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  • i thin her body is really weird looking. looks like a tube woth two pillows on the end. I prefer mine and if a guy I liked thought she was hot, id just figure he can't think for himself. she's not attractive, imo. tho I think she's 'supposed' to be. its whatever.

  • Wow... you sound so insecure and little bitchy. And I'm betting you know the girl personally and just don't like her. This picture isn't even that bad, when I saw the word slutty I thought I was gonna see a girl in lingerie or half naked. She shouldn't be called a slut for this picture.

    Maybe you need to talk to this guy and find out his true intentions with you. But he's a guy of course he's going to look at a pretty girls photo, especially if she has big boobs.

    • ok, well then you need to work on your self esteem and confidence before being in any relationship. Gotta love yourself, since you can only depend on yourself.

    • I am EXTREMELY insecure because I've been raped twice and physically abused, so yes I am very insecure. And he doesn't look at my photos. so no its not OK.

  • 1) Maybe you're ugly and unattractive; that could be why he never likes any of your pictures

    2) Him calling you babe doesn't make you his property nor does it mean he's your boyfriend

    3) It's Facebook, get over it.

    4) You obviously have trust issues & you're turning a non issue into an issue

    5) She's obviously attractive

    6) Get over it--it's FB

    • :P heehee

    • I like how 3 and 6 are inverted. :P

    • he ain't yo boyfrennn girlfrenn

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  • Yup big slut,nice body? Can't you c she's practically pushing her butt out to make it look asif its big? Take all that make up of her face then c how she looks she has a big nose too...and she doesn't have a curvy figure all she has is long hair and bog boobs...

  • It doesn't matter how jealous or insecure you are, you do not have the right to steal someone else's photo's and place them on the internet without their consent.

    You're telling other users that he's your boyfriend yet on your question you say "I ask because this guy I like never liked any of my pictures, but he liked this slut face's picture." Regardless of the relationship, there's no justification for stealing her pictures and making up false accusations about her just because you allow Facebook to make you angry. Grow up

    • mmm, that's not how it works. her story is all over the place. She's lying somewhere along the lines

    • When you put pictures on the Internet anyone. Can use them

    • no wonder he wants another girl. hopefully she's more stable emotionally and doesn't use rape as an excuse to act like a fool

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  • I don't think you should be too worried about it. He's a guy, he's gonna notice when he sees something alluring like that. Guys are very visual. Just because he hasn't "LIKED" any of your pictures doesn't mean he thinks any less of you or that he's gonna leave you for that girl. Girls who post pictures like that on Facebook are just attention whores anyway...and are probably whores also. Don't get so worked up over something that happened on's not worth it.

    • I don't want him paying attention to an attention whore when he NEVER pays any of that sort of attention to ME.

  • He has just given you an indication what he would love you to look like. So pleasure him.

    • I do look like that. I send him naked sh*t all the time I just don't post slut pictures on Facebook.

  • She has a nice body. That doesn't make her a slut..

    He's just attracted to her body. So, sue him..

    You are a silly girl, you know that? Worrying about this type of sh*t.

    • I would like to be able to "just calm down" but as it is, I have serious insecurities about the physical. I have been raped twice & physically abused repeatedly, so I can't really handle that much stuff Secondly, I have a disorder that makes the emotions I feel naturally 10-20x more intense tahn the average person, so while I'd like to say I had it coming, I don't think it's so much to just want someone to validate taht he shouldn't be liking slutty pictures like this one when he doesn't like mine.

    • First off, calm down.

      Secondly, stop making a big deal out of something small.. - You post a picture of yourself so deal with the positive/negative comments. You had it coming.

    • I know I have a flat ass. and thank you for giving me another reason to hate myself. I KNOW SHES HOTTER THAN ME. :'( you don't need to give me more reasons to cut thanks. No need to f***ing RUB IT IN.

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  • I don't blame him. That girl is so hot! *.*

    • LOL! Plus 1!

    • We're not in one on Facebook, we're just Facebook friends I don't write on hiw wall or comment his stuff, but he always likes other people's stuff. BUT NEVER MINE.

    • Get a new boyfriend then. Good luck :)

      And if you're in a relationship you should stay away from Facebook, it only causes drama.

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  • She likes sex and she likes her body and she likes to share what she considers sexy with others. He's the one flirting around, why not call HIM a slut?

    • Point being: there is NOTHING wrong with posting sexy pictures of yourself seeking approval or attention (which is what you just did)

      Stop calling other girls sluts as if its a bad thing. the issue here isn't HER its HIM. you're not going to get the advice you need addressing HER shortcomings.

    • whatever its not anywhere near as traceable as Facebook; so much less personal information.

    • at least on Facebook you'll know whose using your image to jack off and you can control who will see it, with privacy settings. here its free for all. sure, your name isn't attached, but your IP address is :p

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