Guys, do all vaginas feel the same inside or does each kne feel different?

Does the specific vagina make the sex good or bad, or is it the girl who is connected to the vagina that makes sex good or bad for you?

Sorry. For the girl attatched I moreso meant her personality and actions in the bedroom.


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  • good question. I've always wondered this myself


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  • The cliche that guys often hear is "it's not the size, but how you use it" ... but as lame as that is, it seems to be true ... and I reckon the same is true for girls.

    Each vagina is different and feels different, but the girl attached to it is what matters. If all guys cared about was tightness and a particular pressure we would find other ways to satisfy ourselves.

    The fact is, we love girls, and the way your vagina feels is likely less important than how your man feels about YOU as woman and as a person. If it's not, then you shouldn't be letting him anywhere near your vagina to begin with!

  • Vaginas all feel different, that said one might be able to classify some in the same "type" as they do "fonts", i.e. similar. Those that are special have a "type" all their own. My personal favorite is the "reverse", i.e. in frontal/missionary, it feels like normal vaginas feel in doggie position.

    The gal connected to to "it" can override any/all vagina preferences through

    body type


    not picky/no drama

    athletic movements

    able to play the games

    inventive and adventurous

  • Both. Lubricated, mucus membrane tissue is just great, and unless a woman has some injury or has a HUGE vagina for some reason...everything else is just icing on the cake

  • In my experience, the girl attached to the vagina is definitely more important for making sex good or bad than the vagina itself. Different vaginas might feel feel slightly different, but not really any better or worse.

  • Different. Some feel better than others, and some don't feel good at all. She could have a good personality, but if she has a larger vagina and prefers larger men, then I'm not attracted to her, so what's the point?

  • It's actually a combination of the two factors you said, each womens vagina has a slightly different size which contributes to how good the sex is! E.g if a women's vagina is more muscular, it makes it a tighter squeeze and therefore more pleasurable for the man. Check out kegel excersizes :) and in terms of the body attached, fitness.. flexibility and a few other factors can be considered. In concluding they all generally have slightly different feelings but all good non the less :)

  • it doesn't about vaginas, it's about girls., to taste each girl is loved by every guy


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  • im sure most of them feel different because they come in different shapes and sizes. And I'm sure that a qirls behavior in the bedroom also effects how it feels, lubrication, the way she moves...