Simple one: Do women like having their breasts touched?

Okay, I can't seem to get a consistent answer so I will broaden my sample size. Do women like having their breasts touched? It's assumed that the toucher is a partner you are intimate with. My answers have ranged from, "Oh my God yes! Will you touch mine now?" to "I feel really insecure about them and even though my boyfriend says he likes them, I don't want them touched." Most of the answers tend to fall under, "Yeah, I don't really care. He seems to get more out of it than I do."

Is there a point during a make-out session or foreplay when you are turned off if your guy goes for them too soon? Let's assume he has perfect form and knows exactly what to do (so no "I would like it but he's the moron trying to tune a radio"), and you love your breasts and frequently show them at dinner parties with pride, would you consider them a top erogenous zone or just a part of your body you can't fathom why guys are so interested in?

If you would also like to volunteer some info to see if there is a correlation, could you offer your bra size and how you feel about your own?


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  • I'd say they're moderately erogenous. Sometimes I really having them touched, sometimes I couldn't really care less, sometimes they're a bit sore and it's not really all that comfortable to have anyone messing with them. Other areas (like for me, my wrist and the left side of my neck) I could definitely identify as more consistent erogenous hotspots, though.


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  • Some girls like it, some girls don't, but I think most of us are pretty indifferent.

  • I sort of like it as long as it's a gentle touch...and soft kisses on my chest area are nice too


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