Anal licking

girls, do you have any issues about tongue-ing your guy's anus? how common is it for a guy to request this? guys, do you like this?


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  • I had a girl do it to me. It surprised me because I had never had that done. but when she would give me head it felt good. I then tried it on another girl and she liked it to. I've never asked a girl to do it but if she wanted to I wouldn't stop her.


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  • that's just plain weird

  • I only went out with one girl who loved to do this and it does feel pretty good. Of course she would only do it immediately after a shower and, although I believe myself to be super clean anyway, I was ok with this. It was good but not something that I would request from another partner. If she's into it though, I won't stop her. Hey, I love doing it to a girl so I don't see why a girl shouldn't be allowed to do it to their guy.

  • I ALWAYS do it for girls. Never ask for it back. But some have wanted to try, and I have to say, it was awesome.

  • That just seems... wrong to me. I have nothing against licking a girls' ass though :)

  • Im gonna be honest lol I can't believe any chick would do this simply for the fact that we all know a guys hygiene is nowhere near a girls. Sometimes we just don't give a s*** about stuff as much as you guys. I mean I take care of my stuff lol but I know that most dudes are not the clean to be tugging down scrotums, id say if you haven't done this already tell him to lick his own a**


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  • I understand the whole pleasure thing.

    But I think that's kinda too far for me.

    It seems unclean.

  • This is something I would never do, it just seems completely unclean to me. It's disgusting.